Benefits of Real Estate Investment in Lucknow for NRIs

Real Estate is that business that will never go out of demand. Speaking about the real estate sector in India has earned an important place owing to the relaxation of Indian economy. As India is in aspiring stage as compared to foreign counterparts, it has attracted both Indian and foreign stockholders and buyers. Our government policies and schemes have favored foreign investors a lot. Therefore foreign aspiring stockholders are willing to invest in the market and the flexible FDI rules are inviting and attracting them at the same time. India has recently seen number of foreign investors who are interested in investing in both residential and commercial infrastructure.

Investment in Real Estate

NRI Real Estate Investment in Lucknow has been observed at a huge rate. According to statistics, an estimated 31 million NRIs in over 142 countries have an approximate wealth of USD 1.2 trillion. The depreciation of the Indian currency has worked in favour of the foreign stakeholders. Capital appreciation has provided comfort of giving property on rent therefore more returns from the property. Although, the investment rate from residential property is low as 3% but over the years by renting it always would work favorably.  NRIs before investing in the market should take care of two points first the foreign exchange management act and second the tax law.

Real estate business in India has been beneficial for both the Indian as well as foreign aspiring buyers. Further, the high demands from the population have worked in the favour of builders. The main reason of the high demand is because of the high industrial growth in the region offering employment opportunities to masses. The region of Lucknow have seen a high demand from population as this is the important centre of commerce, finance, aerospace, education, technology, medicine and tourism. This metro city is accessible from every part of India through air, rail and road. Today’s Lucknow is an effervescent city covering 400 sq. km. with a rapidly growing population. It is all set for further growth now, as the demand for housing and development is rising rapidly.


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