Residential Projects in Lucknow-Propping up like Mushrooms

From tundey kebabs to elephants, the city of Lucknow has it all. Set in the nerve centre of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow is the administrative capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh- A state which might be in a political distress of sorts, but nevertheless, progressing steadily economically. And in the middle of the progressions, Lucknow plays a vital role. So much so, that demands of housing in the city has increased manifold and real estate rates in traditional areas have touched the sky. It might seem very nigh difficult to get affordable property in Lucknow.

So where does one go if one cannot purchase real estate in and around Hazratgunj and other traditional areas. To the suburbs of course!

Residential Flats

Suburbs like Gomtinagar are one place where one might just be able to land up affordable property in Lucknow. With the economic surge showing no signs of stopping, new residential projects in Lucknow are propping up like mushrooms. This is to keep up with the demand for residential property and a steady influx of people, be it local migrants in search for job, or professionals wanting to the tap into the massive potential that Lucknow promises.

These new residential projects in Lucknow offer state of the art facilities and infrastructure at affordable rates. In fact, these are sprucing up so fast that the prices are staying down and there is a lot of variety when it comes to demand. So, the flats can be almost custom made for your needs= be it a one bedroom studio apartment or a massive four bedroom flat with airy balconies.

So if you’re seriously considering buying a property in Lucknow, give the Chowk and Aminabad a miss. These places are jam packed already and any property there is going to be as costly as kryptonite! Well, almost. Instead, the suburbs seem like the much better bet, where pricing is affordable, local infrastructure is picking up at a fast pace and the scope for growth is immense.


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