Demand for New Residential Properties Continues to Rise

In today’s day and age of extreme economic mobilization, companies are tapping in Tier II and Tier III cities to increase growth. Consequently, there has been an upsurge in growth of these so called semi urban cities. Of these, Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, is fast shedding its image as a Tier II town and is fast growing into an urban landscape.

Apartments in Lucknow

The city of Nawabs, Lucknow, has a lot to offer. From arts to culture to architecture to kebabs, the variedness of the city is mind numbing to say the least. However, it would be wrong to call it a city stuck in the past. In fact, the city has this uncanny ability to balance the past and the present with ease, with it being the epicenter of economic activity of the state.

Consequently, there has been a rise in demand for housing. More and more companies are sending their people to Lucknow to tap into the massive market potential and it has resulted in an influx of people in the city. This has resulted into massive congestion in the city centre. In fact, Lucknow’s city centre is the most difficult place to land up a flat in Uttar Pradesh.

The problem of housing is then tackled by the shifting of focus from the city centre to the urban areas. So much so that even the city’s authorities, perturbed by the fact that Lucknow is most difficult place to land up a flat in Uttar Pradesh, are concentrating on the infrastructure of the suburbs. This has lead to many residential projects coming up in these peripheral areas.

These projects offer various types of accommodation and it is now possible to land up even 3 bhk flats in Lucknow thanks to these projects. Ordinarily, 3 bhk flats in Lucknow cost a fortune, but the suburbs offer reasonable prices. So the influx of new people as well the existing population, now have the option of buying up flats at different locations in the suburbs at reasonable prices.


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