Affordable and Luxury Apartments in Lucknow

Lucknow has always been known as the city of Nawabs, kebabs and biryani. Along with that, the old world charm and a natural cultural heritage make Lucknow, the administrative capital of Uttar Pradesh, a major cultural hub in North India. But there’s more to Lucknow than just culture. Widespread economic development in the fields of commerce, aeronautical engineering, tourism etc. has led to massive economic growth of the city. It can no longer be lumped with other Tier II and Tier III towns across the country. Spread over 400 sq. km, Lucknow is fast on its way to become an urban conglomerate.

Luxury Apartments

However, with economic developments comes in problems of infrastructure and whether the city can cope up with them. One primary problem is that of housing. With a steady influx of workers and professionals alike, the city now has to house may more residents that it used to. In addition to that pressures, the city centre i.e. The Chowk and other areas are bursting to the seams with overpopulation and land rates are astronomical there as well.

To cope up with this influx, the focus of housing has been shifting to the suburban areas, which are now overseeing a number of projects cropping up. In fact, apartments in Lucknow can be found only in these areas. The best builders in Lucknow have now set up projects in these suburbs and the rates are escalating here as well. These real estate developers are tapping into the massive demand for housing and coming up with projects in areas near Sitapur, Hardoi etc. The best builders in Lucknow have already conquered Gomtinagar, which once used to be a relatively less developed area, but now is the IT hub of the city.

So, if one desires apartments in Lucknow his best bet would be booking one of these in suburban areas that are overseeing rapid development at an affordable price.


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