Simple Tips to Update Your Home without a Decorator

Renovating your Flat in Lucknow need not always mean emptying your savings and spending big bucks; sometimes simple changes can freshen up your house and life even without hiring a decorator!

Flat in LucknowHere are seven tips on how to go about it –

  • Change the curtains – A quick technique to add an elegant appeal to your house is by changing the curtains. Play with colours and designs and you can even install automatic ones. For the children’s room, you can select curtains depicting their favourite cartoon character. It’s sure to put a smile on their faces.
  • Paint! Whether you colour the entire house, merely a room or just a wall, painting is an effective way to overhaul the backdrop at little cost. Splash up some bright colour on a single wall to break the monotony or do up the walls in white for a regal feel. The contrast of textures, shades, palettes and designs work well to add drama and alter the mood of the house.
  • Replace the TV – Yes it is as simple as it sounds. Throw out the old box that didn’t support HD and substitute it with a state-of-the-art LED that will blow your mind.
  • Renew the fabrics – Revamp the couch fabrics, throw in a few vivacious cushions, splurge on bed-sheets or replace the carpet – all four are lucrative options to add zing and change the outlook of the apartment at a very low cost.
  • Add an accent – Whether it’s the home-office that feels a bit drag or the TV room, just accentuate it with a distinct feature. You could add textured wallpaper or place some great statues that go with the decor, better still you could spend on a unique chandelier or lighting feature that will brighten up your day and also wow guests! You could even build a theme and work around it.
  • Place a swing –The best place to situate a swing is in the balcony, but if you don’t have one just put it near a window. Imagine coming home after a long day of work and relaxing on the swing while the wind plays with your hair – it feels like heaven.
  • Add some colour to the walls – Delight your children by framing their paintings and featuring them on the walls. Even you could turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece, you don’t need much talent – all you need to know is how to hold a brush.                                                                                                                                                                         So apply these simple tips and add magic to your home! Cost-effective and impactful, guests are sure to gush over your renewed dwelling.




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