Dream Homes on a Budget: Investing in the Future of Lucknow’s Real Estate

affordable property in LucknowBalancing a life of style and luxury can be difficult even in today’s times where we have a higher disposable income. Although we find that our spending powers have increased, so have our basic needs and demands. One of the most capital intensive factors that need to be addressed is the house property. Considering the life time that will be spent here, it is important to make the right decision the first time around. NRI real estate investments in Lucknow along with a surge of residential projects being developed make it a hotspot among tier- II cities.

Quintessential Lucknow Projects

Lucknow is best known for projects that have a quaint charm to it as well as are equipped with modern amenities and facilities. Their rich traditions and heritage can be found in all things even today. With some of the best educational institutes and medical care facilities opening shop here, along with the stellar malls, the city leaves a little to desire. It is no doubt that Lucknow has managed to put itself on the map of the real estate markets of India as a distinguished competitor, leading to a number of people from surrounding towns investing in residential properties in the city as well.

Investing in the Future

The best part about Lucknow is that surviving in the city of Nawabs on a budget does not mean you need to compromise on the luxuries of life. Here are some of the real estate corridors in the city that will let you indulge in the luxurious life without emptying the bank account out-

The Gomti Nagar Phase I, II and Extension

The area of Gomti Nagar is the fastest growing real estate corridor in the city. With its diverse residential projects, commercial properties and belts of retail properties, along with the close proximity to the Central Business District it is meant to be the hub of all activities. What helped it develop faster was that the numerous operating malls and such facilities made it easier for potential investors to envision their lives here as well. With prestigious organisations setting up a branch of office here as well as the development of support facilities such as medical care and educational institutes, the area has been a booming corridor for growth.

The Lucknow – Kanpur Road

Connecting the two cities together, this road has a number of upcoming residential projects surrounding it. Besides the access provided to some of the best road systems, bridges and highways, investment opportunities aren’t as capital intensive as elsewhere either. With potential plans to develop the IT sector, it is definitely the next big development belt of Lucknow.

Rai Bareli Road and Sultanpur Road

The two micro markets in Lucknow are growing at a rapid speed. The renowned Shaheed Path connects the two areas to the rest of the city. Residential developers have seen a large amount of NRI real estate investment in Lucknow being utilised here. With some of the lowest per square foot prices set along with access to finest projects, it is a popular area to consider buying a home in.

The region of Lucknow has seen exponential growth and a large inflow of investments in recent years making it a buyer’s market and hence a good city to purchase a home in.


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