Ways in Which you Can Spruce Up the Spare Room

Real Estate Companies IndiaResidential apartment houses in Lucknow often come with a spare room that may not be required or is simply lying around unused. it’s time to spruce it up and put it to much better use. Instead of using it for a dumping yard that stores all the things you do not need but cannot throw, or a guest bedroom that is rarely put to use, here are some ideas that can ensure you make the most of this space-

Hobbyists Lounge

Music, Art, even coffee. You can not only put this space to good use but also reignite your passion for a lost hobby. Easels, paints, musical instruments, sheet stands, a coffee machine with a cafe set up; there are endless possibilities to what you can do with the space if you apply your mind to it. If you can manage to install French windows in this room to let more sunlight in, or throw some over sized pillows around you can even turn it into a meditation room.

The Quintessential Gym Room
For the hardcore gym buffs, it can be a great way of indulging in this activity without having to schedule and plan a visit to the gym every day. A gym room can also motivate the more inactive people at home to follow in your footsteps and make a healthy change. With some durable flooring and the required equipment, you can set the room up in no time.

A Theatre Room
Install a big flat screen TV and some speakers to turn this room into your very own theatre. A pull out couch can ensure you can accommodate your guests as well when required. You can go the full mile by adding rugs and soundproofing your window as well as investing in a popcorn machine to create the atmosphere. Hosting movie nights or cheering on your favourite team will be like never before.

A ‘Dapper’ Study or Library
The traditional home offices of western countries, adding a study to your home can be extremely beneficial. Not only can you work out of the room with peace but if you have a passion for books, you can also have a shelf running across your walls and turn it into a library. Mahogany wood desks and a roll out bar would be an essential, but the sky is the limit when it comes to designing this room.

A Private Bar
For connoisseurs of alcohol, a bar room can be a great addition to the house. Apart from the necessary glass sets and bottles, you can add a small fridge, a wine cellar or even a table set with high stools. Add some mood lighting and hues of the gemstones to build the perfect atmosphere. It can also be a great room to host guests in.

Your Residential apartment house in Lucknow can be one of a kind with such stellar additions. Add a pull out couch, all of these rooms can be used to accommodate visitors and guests who may come for a short time. This can ensure you put this space to the best uses instead of simply lying around as a spare room.


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