3 Popular Décor themes to consider for your Bedrooms

12274216_898369493549547_3001211974555369595_nUsing decoration themes has turned out to be a common practice among the homeowners now-a-days. If you want to go by the popular trend and add a dream appearance to your flat in Lucknow, consider using themes. This blog discusses about 3 popular bedroom themes that would offer a mesmerizing look and feel to the 3 BHK flats in Lucknow.

Before deciding about what theme to use, you need to consider about who would be staying in the room. The theme of the bedroom will vary according to the age and taste of the occupants. The theme of a teenager bedroom would not be similar to that of an adult bedroom. Again, the theme that would life up a couple’s spirit would not be good enough to drive a kid crazy with joy.

Choose the appropriate theme for your bedroom and transform it into a relaxing retreat. Explore the following popular bedroom decor themes and have oodles of fun:

1. Beach Theme:

Beach-inspired bedroom decor will make both young adults and newly-wed couples jump for joy. Those who have a liking for the sun, sand and water will no doubt be fascinated with this type of decor. As far as beach-theme is considered, you can choose anything from serene, sober furnishings to bold and bright colours. Hawaiian motifs can be used to mingle well with palm tree, bamboo and flower motifs. A wall paper with your favourite beach motif can instil a beach feel into your sleeping space. A mix and match of exotic prints on the bedsheet, pillow covers and curtains would add the effect of the laid-back luxury of beachside life while woven accents from the ceiling to the floor would enmesh your modern bedroom with a rustic charm. You can think of accessorizing your room with sea grass, sandy neutrals and coral showpieces.

2. Floral Theme:

There is hardly any person who does not love flowers. If you have a special fascination for flower and appreciate the beauty of nature, you can consider floral theme for your bedroom. Whether you want to enjoy the feel of English countryside or wish to instil the freshness of Indian’s rustic beauty, floral bedspreads against pastel green walls would add serenity to your room. What can be a better start of the day than waking up to a wonderful orchid placed by the window?

3. Forest Theme:

A forest theme can spread out a relaxing environ across your bedroom. Think of adorning your bedroom using bedspreads, pillows and quilts with forest motifs. Use varying shades of green and blue to create the depth noticed in a forest of pine, moss and bamboo with expansive blue sky peeping through the branches. After a hectic day of work, you will find the bedroom with forest theme a true retreat and there is no doubt about it. The theme would tranquilize every spirit, all ages and genders.

As far as decorating 3 BHK flats in Lucknow are concerned, the age, taste and gender of the occupants should be considered while choosing the bedroom themes. Whether you choose a traditional theme or a flamboyant and extravagant design, it would enhance the look and feel of your private space.


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