Purchasing a Home: Cash versus Loans

12274216_898369493549547_3001211974555369595_nCarrying around the load of a debt is a tough decision to make and even tougher to stick with. No matter where you turn, you can hear people complaining about it. However, when purchasing a home, it is not always logical to buy it with cash. A number of people end up paying as much cash as they can to avoid the massive loan payment and interest rate associated with home loans but their financial health may not always be in that decision.

There are a number of factors that must be considered before deciding on purchasing a home with cash or a financing plan such as mortgage.

Cutting Costs and Victors in a Bidding War

When you decide to pay cash for a home, you can safely eliminate the need to pay an interest on the large loan amount as well as cut down on closing costs associated with such financing such as appraisal fees and assessing fees.

Your offer on the residential property in Lucknow or any other is also more attractive to sellers as it gives a sense of security and safety to them. Purchasing a home with cash is also a quicker and easier process as there are not a lot of negotiations involved. Loans involve approvals and a number of processes that can dampen the spirit of the seller as well as buyer. Hence, cash buyers may even receive a discount of sorts for paying it all upfront.

In the event the buyer wants to sell the house, he does not have to wait for a long time either as he has all the legal right and authority to do so.

Understanding the Pandora Box of a Loan

Although the cash offer has a number of benefits, obtaining a loan can also make sense. People may also prefer to not have their hands tied down by investing such a large chunk of money into their home. When you pay with cash, you are reducing the level of liquidity you can enjoy. When your home requires attention such as a major renovation, you can often find yourself in a fix without any money.

If you wish to sell your cash bought home, it can also pose as a problem as you might not have enough liquid cash to put down as a deposit amount for the new home as well as have tax implications.

New residential projects in Lucknow are bought with both; hence, you need to understand what a better opportunity is for you. The greater investment return you obtain depends on your choice. As long as you have some back up reserves saved, paying for cash is also as good an option as a home loan.


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