Common Home Inspection Mistakes to Avoid before you Buy

12348065_908446849208478_4842522532239338990_nSince buying a house is a matter of lakhs and crores, you should think a hundred times prior to the investment. Inspecting a chosen home is imperative as a small mistake can leave you regretting forever. Proper inspection will enable you to make better decisions before investing your hard-earned money. There are certain home inspection mistakes that first-time homeowners often make. Whether you are planning to buy 3BHK or 2 BHK flats in lucknow for sale, you should keep away from these mistakes to purchase a home offering 100% satisfaction.

Here are some of the common home inspection mistakes that should be strictly avoided:

Not Availing Home Inspection Services:

Not availing home inspection services would be a big mistake on the part of a home buyer. Simply getting the services of a home inspector would not solve the problem. You just need to ensure that the chosen professional is competent, trustworthy and offering the services for years. Check the internet to find if the inspecting company you have chosen as the service-provider has received positive reviews from its previous clients.

Gather Information on the Property:

Prior to buying a residential property, it is always recommended to extract detailed information on it and its value. It would be extremely foolish to assume that since a property has gone through all legal formalities, it is free of problem. Builder with a good reputation does not mean that it did everything correct. You need to get the property thoroughly inspected to see if the amenities promised are in place.

Not Being Present During Inspection:

Availing the services of a inspection agency does not mean that you need not be present while the inspection procedure is going on. You need to be present
on the site and inform the inspector about your checklist. In this manner, you will be able to avoid various issues causing unnecessary expenditure later on.

Not Following the Inspector’s Suggestions:

You may have to pay a big price if you do not listen to what  the inspector suggests.  Purchasers, sometimes, do not according to the inspectors’ advice to avoid certain expenses. However, later on, it may lead to difficult repairs leading to hefty expenses.

Following the Inspector Blindly:

Even if you have selected a top-notch inspection company as your service-provider, you should not blind the agency blindly. No doubt, that a reputed inspector will always try to offer the best services and ensure your full satisfaction, but it cannot be always correct. Consider the suggestions the inspector offers and check if they are logical and how they would help you before implementing them.

Keeping away from the above mentioned mistakes would help you make the right investment decision. No matter if you want buy 3 BHK or 2 BHK flats in Lucknow for sale, you will be able to invest on a worthy property. Research thoroughly on the internet to find out a dependable inspector who has been in this job for quite a long time and has gained the trust of a considerable number of clients.


Tips on How to Invest on Commercial Properties in Lucknow

Flats in LucknowLucknow with its rich cultural tradition and Nawabi heritage has undergone marked commercialization in the last few decades. The real estate market of the city has seen a boon of late. Many small and big investors are investing in Lucknow commercial properties to reap huge benefits in the years to come. If you are planning to buy a commercial property in Lucknow, you can connect with reliable property dealers that would simplify your search for commercial property and help you get the commercial space of your choice at your preferred location at fair price. Read on to extract a few tips that may help you choose the right property promising a good return on investment in future.

What to Look For While Searching for a Property?

As already stated, you should be careful enough while investing in a commercial property because a small mistake on your part as an investor can bring about doom and monetary loss in future. Proper research and care while buying a property would ensure that the chosen property would fulfil your requirements and bring ample return on investment in the upcoming years. You should take the following factors into consideration prior to purchasing a commercial property in Lucknow:

Location of the Property:

It is important to check the aptness of the chosen property, its location and demand-supply dynamics. As an investor, if you do not perform in-depth research, you may run the risk of making a wrong investment. Besides this, it is also important to find to the effects on population growth on that area. Do not forget to ensure that the economy is sound in the region. It is better to plan and research before rather than repent later after the investment.


Before making an investment in a Lucknow commercial property, you need to make sure that the amenities provided with the chosen property are good enough to meet your business requirements. This can be explained better by citing an example. Suppose that you are interested in buying an office. In this instance, you should take into account breakup of cash flow through property tax, maintenance costs and property insurance. In addition, you should be aware of the lease period, the long-term appreciation ability and refinancing potential.


As an investor, you should take into consideration the footfall, the catchment dynamics as well as the frontage.

Connect with a Reliable Real Estate Company

Purchasing a commercial property is not a child’s play and it requires a lot of research. A proper plan and connection with a dependable real estate company, however, would turn the affair easier.

It is imperative to scan through the internet to find out if the chosen real estate agency has good feedbacks from its clients. You should connect with the agency and specify your requirements so that it can suggest you a property in your preferred area in Lucknow. You can ask them to provide information on the developer who has undertaken the project. You should also gather details about the quality of property management.

How to check if your Home is Earthquake Resistant

An earthquake is usually believed to be more destructive and dangerous than other natural calamities. In fact, the damages that are caused due to earthquakes have a high impact and loss incurred and irreplaceable. The destructive earthquake which hit Nepal recently is a burning example of the same. The death toll in Nepal had crossed over 3000 and the several others were left injured.

With jitters felt all over North India, it is important that you take certain factors that you should keep in mind especially while purchasing a home.
Do you Reside in an Earthquake Prone Region?

12274216_898369493549547_3001211974555369595_nThere cannot be a more critical time to evaluate the risks posed by earthquakes and to make ourselves well prepared. You should do a good research work before you go to live in a particular area. As per the geographical statistics of India, it is estimated that nearly 54% of the land is prone to earthquakes. Moreover, research also suggests that by 2050, approximately 200 million city dwellers will be prone to earthquakes. The central and western Himalayas, some areas of Kashmir, the north eastern states of India as well as Rann of Kutch are some of the areas that run at a higher risk of experiencing earthquakes. Other areas which may be prone to earthquakes include Jammu, Delhi, the Indo-Gangetic area and certain locales of Maharashtra.

Is your Home Earthquake Resistant?
Most of the homes in India lack this feature; hence the risk is usually related to the style of construction, strength of home as well as its location. Moreover, it goes without saying that the taller structures and older mansions run at a higher risk. One of the best ways to know your home is earthquake resistant or not is to fix an appointment with an engineer and check how strong the foundation of your home is. Usually, it is seen that earthquake resistant homes come with bolts in foundation; hence the engineer will inspect your home thoroughly and then inform whether your home is safe or not.

The top builders in India generally add this unique feature while constructing apartments. Hence, you can contact them if you are looking for a new property. On the other hand, if you are not sure if your home is earthquake resistant, get in touch with a structural engineer at the earliest.

Materials to Use for an Earthquake Resistant Home
The top builders in India make sure their construction projects are earthquake resistant. Structures which have walls made up of stacked bricks and are held together with mortar are usually weak. This is preferably because the roof is set across the top and the weight comes down to the foundation through the walls. And in case such construction comes face to face with an earthquake, you will find that the structure will simply crumble like a house of cards. However, some simple construction strategies and materials can prevent this.

For instance, wood and concrete are believed to be adequate earthquake resistant construction material. But then, if your house is concrete based then make sure that the building you move to have them reinforced through steel and additional concrete slabs.