How to Optimize Space When Moving into a 1 BHK Flat?

Optimize Space

Are you worried over your decision of moving into a 1 BHK flat in Lucknow? Soaring property prices may have dented your dreams of owning a bigger house in the town, but you can always make the most of what you already have with some creativity hacks. So, instead of feeling depressed, get ready for things that you can try out to maximize the space in your one bedroom, hall and kitchen flat. Let’s find out how you can do this.

Tips for Making 1BHK Home Look More Spacious

Illuminate the house wisely

Lighting is an important part of the house and if you optimize the natural and artificial sources of light, it comes to your benefit greatly in creating an impression of larger space in your home. For this, you just have to ensure a few things, for example – use translucent furnishings, full-length curtains, and mirrors strategically. By doing this you allow light to bounce around and create a sense of openness.

Exploit the length and width of the wallsCorner Self Wall System

In large spaces, you can add stuffs on the floor as per your need. But, when there is limited floor area, the best way you can optimize the functionality of your home is by using the space on its walls. Add shelves, cabinets, tall bookcases and hooks on it. It will spare your floor area, keep your movement easy and at the same time, give an impression of bigger space. And, most importantly, you will be able to arrange your things as aesthetically as in a bigger home without feeling hard-pressed due to small space.

Paint home in monochromatic colors

Like lighting, the choice of paint also adds to the overall appearance of your house. According to popular opinions, monochrome tones work better in giving your home bright and spacious look. Of all colors, variations of white, beige, light brown and cream are mostly recommended. The single tone light colors are found to be effective in generating a sense of visual continuity.

Create smart demarcations, making your space multi-functional

The typical floor plan cannot dampen your spirits. Try to be imaginative about a particular space as to how and in what many ways you can use it. For instance, if your living area is big, you can use it for different purposes, such as guestroom, dining area, workplace, etc. For this, you need to choose bed style furniture in place of sofa set and a dining table that can double up to serve the purpose of office space as well. This way you can imagine other nooks of the house too.

Remove all clutters from the house

We have a habit of storing things even when they are no longer in use. What stops us from removing them is either our attachment with them or the excuse that these can be useful in future. But, the fact is present is more important and to make it better, it’s necessary to get rid of all things that don’t serve our purpose anymore. These can be clothes, old furniture, files, etc. Just eliminate them. When you do this, you will automatically get some more space in your home, which can be used for some other crucial things.

Use smart storage solutions

Hanging Rack for Shoes
When space is a constraint, you have to make sureyou store things in much more organized way. For instance, go for the hanging rack or uppermost shelve of the closet for storing your shoes instead of having a rack on the floor. Also, keep your bathroom supplies and cleaning products in a segmented box with labels on it. This will not just give a neat look but also help you arrange your things better without occupying extra nook.


Making the most of a 1BHK home can be a challenge. This article discusses the best ways you can optimize your space and enjoy living in your new home.


Flats in Uttar Pradesh: Best Investment Opportunity for the Interested Buyers

Gomti river in Lucknow - Paarthinfra

Gomti river in Lucknow – Paarthinfra

Uttar Pradesh is one of the upcoming and developing states in terms of real estate and infrastructure. It is famous for its cultural heritage, monuments, architecture, calm and peaceful environment. Alongside, the state is acknowledging development at fast pace with progress in real estate as well, together with and other sectors. Not surprisingly, in the recent times, the trend buying a flat in Uttar Pradesh has touched newer heights, with developer currently offering great offers for the interested buyers.

Surge in property demand in Uttar Pradesh

Industrial growth and increasing standard of living has given boost to the development of commercial and economic sectors. This growth and increasing avenues for investment is attracting investors and property developers exceptionally. No wonder, property in cities like Ghaziabad, Noida, greater Noida are selling like cup cakes due to increased industrialization. Investors are finding these flats in Uttar Pradesh a better investment opportunity.

Cities like Varanasi and Mathura are major attraction because of their peaceful and spiritual environment. The escalating prices of residential real estate and commercial real estate in these locations of the state ensure profitable future returns. Well-developed transportation system comprising air, road, and rail has also given a boost to the demand for property here. Indeed, owning a property in Uttar Pradesh is dream for many. Sensing the opportunity, the developers are trying their best to help the interested ones fulfill their dream at the earnest by throwing lucrative offers.

Paarth Arka

Leisure Facilities

Among the other facilities provided by developers in their UP flats, include:

  • Swimming pools with sun tan deck
  • Jacuzzi
  • Gymnasium
  • Cafe, bar, lounge, library facility
  • Landscape gardens with special barbeque area, sitting area and kid’s playground

Convenience Facility

  • 24×7 Security facilities
  • 100% DG set power back up
  • Laundry facility
  • Provisions shop with home delivery facility
  • Rainwater harvesting system present
  • Sewage treatment plant

Other Facilities

Residential apartments and flats provides family environment with various families living together in harmony. Some of the other facilities that are a regular with these residential apartments include as below:

  • Apartment Maintenance and keep up facility are specific for distant owners. It includes opening-closing, proper airing of the apartment, dusting, and operation of all utilities like fans, lights, kitchen equipments.
  • Concierge facility is available 24×7 to help in your visit or pick and drop by taxi/car round the clock.
  • Maid service is available for owner with regular background checks of the maids and cooks.
  • Rental management facility which helps the owners to rent their flats to residents or

tourists by seeking help from property agents.


The flats in Uttar Pradesh are up for grab in various prices ranges.

  • 1 BHK– 1 BHK has everything that a normal studio apartment should have. It offers an attached bedroom and is a good deal for a small neutral family. 1 BHK apartment comes in two formats: 1 BHK Standard (880 sq. ft) and 1 BHK Duplex (1047 sq ft).
  • 2 BHK apartments are also available in two configurations – 1158 sq ft and 1300 sq ft. The apartments are spacious with lounge, 1800 mm panoramic balcony, kitchen, one master bedroom, one second bedroom with attached bathrooms. The balconies provide stunning views and with other facilities make it a premier quality accommodation.
  • 3 BHK are located in the top floor and available in configurations 1600 sq ft and 1700 sq ft. the flats are same as two BHK with additional features like double height ceiling, dining area, kitchen, furniture, and fittings.


Residential flats in Uttar Pradesh are good deals for residential as well as investment purpose. You just have to give small amount as token and fulfill other formalities later on. The developers often provide the interested buyers with easy loan facility as well.