Things to Consider When Moving Cities or Areas With Your Family

relocating-in-delhiThe place we stay determines the happiness and peace of our mind. Considering various needs to choose the destinations which we call as our home, has lots of criteria. Below are some important such criteria to help you in finding a place that can be called as home.

Various ways of choosing a place to reside:

From a big town to a small town and vice-a-versa have their own positive points and consequences. Deciding on this depends on individual requirements, expectations and past experiences. For example, if you are living in a metro city, but looking in for residential flats in Lucknow the following can be considered.

  • Location

When we select a destination to stay, the first thing comes in mind is the affordability and adjustment of the place. Other factors like the place, accessibility, and convenience also counts. Above all whether it comes into the budget is what comes first.

Moving to a small town from a city will help in reducing the recurring expenditure. The cost of groceries, gas connections, vegetables, fruits, daily utility bills, taxes etc. will go down. This creates savings and affordability.

  • Jobs, Income & Taxes

Employment opportunities, taxes on income and other local taxes differ from one place to other. Analyzing, research and development on jobs availability, job qualities, and packages offered and moreover the nature of job looked for to be given big thoughts. For a same profile, salary for a person in New York might be different than that of a person in country side or a small town. Here consideration should also be given to the cost of living.

The cost of living includes recurring expenditure and the taxes to pay. There are some countries where there is no tax levied on income and some countries where no tax is levied on retail sales / services. This forms a very important factor in selecting a destination. Countries having less tax or no tax in income and no sales, services taxes would be ideal or profitable.

  • Cost of Property

Purchasing property is one of the important aspects of investment where proper research is important like getting in detail of the cost, resale value, life of the property etc.

Various websites and property agents are available to help on this. Selecting destinations where real estate value remains high all the time can be an added advantage. Developing Places yield good returns for the money.


  • Education

Educational opportunities vary from place to place. It plays a vital role in decision. Having good schools and colleges around is necessary. There are people who have travelled for reaching good schools. Some of them even leave the city and shift to another in search of good educational systems.

This needs consideration given to tuition fees and other recurring costs towards the education. The reputation of the schools and institutions adds values to the children’s career.

  • Vicinity to Family / Friends

People with extended family willing to spend time with friends and family members should try to cogitate to stay in the vicinity handier to them. A destination easily reached by a public transport or by a flight. This will help in not feeling isolated and spending the time in travel to reach the dear ones.

Final Word

To select a destination, a long sequence of aspects to be given importance.

Although the above mentioned elements are very important and to be considered, few more aspects are there which plays vital role in deciding like the size of the city / town, food, weather, environment, medical facilities, accessibility to the airport & other Places, public transport facility, ethos, criminal rates & figures, availability of safety Measures etc.

All the above said factors differ from one individual to another. Do give a thought to the place where you stay now and the reason for deciding that.