Residential apartment in Lucknow – Ensuring the Much coveted Peace and Tranquility

Finding a hone of your own is a quite a cumbersome task today, taking into consideration the current inflation and economic conditions. However, a number of prominent real estate developers are making it possible for people of all walks of life to own a home. Real estate development is stretching its legs in almost all cities of the country with a very fast speed. It is also contributing to better the poor economic conditions of India.


Paarth Infrabuild Projects


One of the most sought after cities for real estate development is Lucknow. The city encompasses huge scope in terms of real-estate construction and development. Whether commercial or residential, you can find numerous projects running here under developers. Though, the reliable developers are focusing on construction of residential projects because, a large number of people dream of having a residential apartment in Lucknow.  This compels the developers to construct budget friendly and fully fledged apartments. In this context, you may well rely upon some experienced and skilled developers.

Things to remember before buying a residential apartment

Here are some effectual things that you must consider thoroughly before deciding to buy a home of your dreams:

  1. Aesthetics of apartment: It one of the foremost factors that smart buyers considers. The visuals and overall look of the apartment must be friendly enough for you to settle down easily. This is the prime aim of top develop to build apartments with friendly and sophisticated ambience.
  2. Pricing and location: It is necessary to check the prices and whether the specific apartment
    worth the price or not. Also, location is also important. You must check them nearby areas that all the essential places that a normal person visits are in close proximity or not.  Hospitals, schools, shopping centers etc. must lie in the nearby areas.
  3. Construction quality and developer’s credibility: The quality of construction is a crucial factor to screen. It ensures to keep you safe from leaking roofs, material shedding from the walls or weak sanitary ware. Leading developers focus on using best quality of construction material. Moreover, branded tiles, flooring, kitchen slabs etc., is their top priority.
  4. Eco-friendliness: These days, problem of pollution is very common and people search to escape from the noises of the city. Therefore, check the abundance of greenery and tree plantation at the locality you are buying apartment in. It provides fresh air and water for a healthy lifestyle. See if there are enough measures for water harvesting or not.
  5. Amenities and facilities: A good apartment must comprise all the basic amenities and proper services. Basic amenities like parking lots, jogging tracks, water drainage system and lot more indicates well integrated construction. Plumbers, electricians etc. are just only a call away in prominent real estate developments.

Steadfast developers and world class construction projects

Foremost developers in Lucknow are putting their best foot forward in making your dream of buying a residential apartment in Lucknow come alive. Their clients and associate trust them for the excellent quality and credibility they offer. Besides, they always keep their promise of transparency, consistency, and honesty in whatever projects they undertake. The residential apartments in their projects possess modern and latest facilities giving you an ultimate option to buy home. Their projects are in ideal and perfect location from where everything is available at few steps away. Hence, approaching them to buy a home will make way for peace and tranquility for you and your family.

Are you looking for a residential apartment in Lucknow, which comprises all the facilities alongside being suitable to your budget? If so, then you should only approach prominent developers since they are more likely to offer budgeted and well integrated housing solutions as per your preference.


Different Types of Ownerships to Consider when Looking for a Home

If you are a first time home buyer, starting your search for the ideal property can be a tough and overwhelming task. With a number of unfamiliar situations to navigate yourself through, the entire process can be a lot more intimidating than you imagined. To be able to work your way around the various technical and legal terminology, here is a great place to start.

Understanding the Different Types of Ownership

Before you start looking at new residential apartments in Lucknow it is important that you weigh your options. Understand that you as home seeker have two property ownership modes to choose from –

 Freehold Property
The more common of the two types of ownership, a freehold ownership is where the buyer essentially has complete legal rights over the property in question. This means that he has the right to transfer the ownership, sell the property or stay in it as per his own needs and whims.

 Leasehold Property
In this form of property ownership, one essentially only owns the building but does not own the land. Furthermore, the ownership of the property is for a pre-defined tenure that can go up to 99 years. At the end of the lease agreement period, the property ownership is transferred back to its original owner.

Which Option must I go for?
The freehold property option proves to be a much more practical investment option since you are securing the future for not only yourself for also your heirs. Furthermore, such property is also a lot more marketable in the real estate market, making it easier to sell, mortgage or rent out in the time of need.

Understanding the Transfer of Property

Furthermore, your leasehold residential apartment in Lucknow cannot be transferred as easily as one can transfer a freehold home. You will be expected to have a Power of Attorney for conducting any form of transaction. Furthermore, this power PoA ceases to exist when the seller or the owner passes away.

Enjoying Absolute Ownership

In case of a freehold property, the complete legal ownership of the apartment in question goes to the buyer. In the case of leasehold, the buyer is essentially a lessee and has extremely limited rights. Opting for a leasehold solution is ideal only if your requirement is a short-term one and you want easy access to a home for a limited period of time. Also, if you intend to delay your decision to buy a new home because of an unfavourable buyer’s market, you can temporarily consider opting for a leasehold ownership at a negotiated price.

Considering that the title is always absolute and clear, most real estate experts recommend that home buyers opt for the freehold property mode of ownership. This option tends to be a lot more stable and owners are able to enjoy the benefit of market appreciations in the long run. These properties are easier to sell, mortgage and maintain as standing security.

Property in Lucknow Shaheed Path to Add Charm in Living with Family

Are you repeatedly having nightmares since the inception of having your dream home? It is pretty normal to get panicked initially with the rise of thought to buy a residence. Peculation test can be done before you choose upon a decision!


Situated on the Basin of Gomti River, the city of Nawabs Lucknow is known for its splendid surrounding and beautiful sceneries. Not only that, Lucknow is now getting indulged with high quality BOP sectors and corporate world attracting people from all over the country to come here and stay. With updated modernization, Lucknow has got a major makeover. Latest technological upfront have made remarkable changes in the overview of this place. Being the capital administrative city of Uttar Pradesh, the place is always attractive for travellers, tourists and workers. The warmth and love of this city is making huge population magnetized here. This has led a remarkable increase in the real estate sector in Lucknow. Not only a perfect deal for staying is obtained but the availability comes with affordability.

To get a property in Lucknow Shaheed path, you can get deluxe flats with luxurious interiors at appropriate prices. You being the customer will love to engross the surroundings and environment most top notch construction companies provide. Lavish kitchens, well-furnished bed rooms and spacious rooms are enough to attract buyers. Since ample space is being made available for hanging out in the surrounding, even kids are going to love the places.

While going for any residential apartment in Lucknow, you need to make thorough search for the availabilities before it is too late. Some priorities are to be looked for before finalizing a deal. It is mandatory to check if the required amenities are placed nearby. Classy restaurants serving quality foods, hospitals, schools and offices should be nearer to the living area, where residential apartment in Lucknow is chosen. A construction company or agent must take you to the best deal that can serve your living with heavenly pleasure. Step out and look for the best choice of your dream home in Lucknow!

Real Estate Company in Lucknow to Make Desirable Deals of Housing

Purchasing a home for residence is the dream of every family. It is a definite kind of ideology that helps bring home dreams alive with minimum effort. The real estate sector is rising up with more numbers of sales. In India with increasing population, need of apartments is increasing. Investing right amount of money can help get better returns. But you have to be smart enough to do the investment at right property, dealing with professional companies in India.

Investment in Real Estate

The real estate business is increasing every new day. Cost of apartments is also on the verge of increase. There are different schemes including assured return investment. It gives benefits in two ways. The properties available in this kind requires an agreement with respective seller for providing a return, monthly or annually, for the amount of about 9 -15 % of the total property value. The properties under construction are kept under this scheme. Commercial places are getting benefited since these assets are slow moving and require enough time for competition. To get reliable property in Lucknow with assured return, you have to look for certain factors that help buyers and builders get profit in both way. The respective builder can make agreement where the clause of exiting the deal after its completion will be mentioned. In case where buyer can continue the deal, seller has to provide the property as lease to the tenant on monthly basis of rent. The amount will get decided mutually. Until a good tenant is available, the seller has to pay the decided amount.

There are names for reliable real estate company in Lucknow, capable to provide benefit to both seller and buyer of any kind of property. It is required to look over the available companies that provide adequate pricing modes. You need to be smart enough to rest assured about the pricing scheme that is gauging the market. Calculate the time value and make sure the company lets you look over the options and opportunities that are coming from real estate Company in Lucknow.

Own Property in Lucknow with Assured Return

Lucknow was a tourist destination famous for its Bhul Bhulaiya, old Moghul monuments and bangles. Little people could think that it will become a coveted IT destination and people would like to buy a property in Lucknow with assured return.

Flats with assured returns

Paarth Infra’s projects like Paarth Arka, Paarth Adyant and Paarth NU have become chosen destinations for the Local and NRI investors for a plethora of reasons.

Convenient Location

These projects are located so near to the IT corridor and the airport, that you will never experience the stress of travelling to your work place. Nirman Nigam and many other prime locations of the city are close by. These properties in Lucknow with assured return are pulling the domestic and NRI real estate investment in Lucknow to these projects.

State of the Art facilities

The facilities which are available in the apartment complexes in the Western world are incorporated in our projects. These residential projects in Lucknow come with club facilities, swimming pool, Sauna, Steam, Jacuzzi, Gymnasium, Indoor games like: Snooker/Pool Table etc., Tennis/ Multi-purpose court, Provision for Restaurant/Cafeteria, Provision for business lounge etc. open/Stilt/ Basement car parking and many more facilities.

Value for money

These projects not only are located in an excellent location, and provide you with excellent facilities; they have kept in mind the needs of children, adults and senior citizens alike. Hence these residential projects in Lucknow are now the coveted destination for the classy and suave professionals.

I was always interested in owning my own place in Lucknow because it is an upcoming city. It is not crowded like the metros and has a fantastic blend of the old world charm and new world sophistication. I would recommend everyone to go and have a look at the model flats and speak with the highly efficient team. I assure you that you will fall in love with the entire concept of the project and would love to buy a property here to pass it on to your next generation.

NRI Real Estate Investment in Lucknow in PaarthInfra Projects

India is becoming a chosen destination for the NRI (Non Resident Indian) investors. Since they earn in foreign currency, when they convert it in Indian Rupees, the value increases. Hence they prefer to invest in Indian real estate as they have a desire to return back to India someday. NRI real estate investment in Lucknow has grown manifolds in the last few years due to various factors.

Apartments in Lucknow

After the Modi government announced that all the state capitals will be considered for the 100 Mega City projects, Lucknow is also gearing up for that growth. Many MNCs are expanding their businesses and Lucknow is a chosen destination for many companies which want to set up their delivery centers in Northern India. It has a cost arbitrage over Delhi and good educated professionals are easily available in the city.

The market is again picking up after the new government has taken over. Due to policy paralysis, the last few years were bad for the real estate industry. They were reeling under the pressure of huge debts and liquidity crunch. Now the market is again reviving and real estate business in India is seeing a positive curve.

Convenient Location

These projects are located near the IT corridor and the airport, Nirman Nigam, the Cricket stadium and many other prime locations of the city. Hence finding tenants is very easy in this project. NRIs love to invest in luxury apartments in Lucknow as they will get assured return on investment.

Excellent facilities

NRIs prefer to lease out the property to a corporate who would like to set up a guest house for the company there. Since the property is loaded with amenities like club facilities, swimming pool, Sauna, Steam, Jacuzzi, Gymnasium, Provision for business lounge etc. the companies prefer to take up an apartment here on lease.

I would recommend that if you are an NRI and you take interest in the real estate business in India, the look no further. Invest your hard earned money here and you will never regret your decision.

Affordable Property in Lucknow: Made Possible By PaarthInfra

Residential apartment houses in Lucknow built by Paarth Infrabuild Pvt. Ltd have received a lot of accolades from the buyers, investors and the community in general. Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) has come up with many affordable properties in Lucknow. There is an increasing demand for new residential projects in Lucknow and Paarth Infrabuild Pvt. is trying to meet that need.

affordable property in Lucknow

About ten years back Delhi was the only main city in Northern India which was the chosen destination for the IT and ITES companies like GE, Accenture, and IBM etc. However since Delhi and NCR is overcrowded, Lucknow has become a chosen destination for many corporate to set their shops. Hence the property prices have increases and LDA flats in Lucknow are in high demand.

These new residential projects in Lucknow have yielded good returns in the last few years and hence NRIs too are showing interest in investing in the land of Nawabs. LDA flats in Lucknow are getting constructed and sold like hot cakes.

There are studio apartments (540 Sq. Ft.), 1 BHK service suites (785 Sq. Ft.), 2 BHKs (1835 sq. Ft.), 3 types of 3 BHKs of 1860 sq. ft. (with Servant Room), 1710 sq. ft. (with Store) and 1400 sq. ft., 4 BHK (with 4 toilets and a servant room) of 2140 Sq. ft. and 4 BHK (with 4 toilets) of 1900 Sq. Ft. Hence there is a home for every budget and need. These flats in Lucknow are the chosen destination of the elegant and sophisticated citizens.

The best part about these flats is that along with the high class facilitates comes affordability. So I can live in style without living under the burden of loans. It is a rare combination. Most of the luxury flats cost a bomb and is out of the reach of the middle class families like ours. But the day I went to see the model flat with my family, I fell in love with it. I could not believe that luxury can be so affordable too.