Top Ten Rules While Choosing a Home Builder in Lucknow

For building a dream home a buyer has to hire a perfect and professional builder. Besides the home owners, home builders also play their part in making a house into a perfect home for the occupants. Only a professional real estate company in Lucknow can able to accommodate the vision of the homeowner in creating a lovely home in this wonderful Lucknow city.

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Hiring the right home builder for a dream home is really important for the home buyers. Included below are top ten valid guidelines on how to identify and hire a right builder for the job.

These tips are not even valuable in selecting the experts at Lucknow, but also in other cities in India and even abroad.

  1. Finding a good builder: A prospective buyer or homeowner can always check local publications, yellow pages, the Internet for reputed builders who always advertise their professional services. Such experts are easily contactable right in the first attempt, if not they respond the caller in a short time which indicated their professional approach.
  2. Call and define the needs: After locating the right builder, a new homeowner has to call the builder or representative in order to define the needs such as style, price range, and other relevant factors in order to find a perfect fit to the dreams of the homeowners.
  3. Touring model homes: A buyer can always take the option of touring the model homes done by the proposed home builder in order to evaluate the quality of the work done by the builder. One can also take along an expert who is exposed to the intricacies of quality construction.
  4. Using the referrals: A homeowner can also select the builders who are referred by friends and relatives who have had their homes built. Also, one can demand the builder some testimonials from his clients. Testimonials shared in the websites of the builders can also be cross verified.
  5. Experience in the industry: A homeowner needs to check the experience of the proposed builder in the real estate industry. Experience always counts while making the decision process of selecting a right and professional home builder. Hiring a cowboy builder not only causes stress but also can bring untold damages to the property as well.
  6. Shop around few builders: Homeowners should not settle with a first-time meeting with a good builder. Keep it mind what is good for one client may not be good for the other. Hence. One has to take a little bit of time to shop around few home builders in order to make a comparison with the shortlisted ones.
  7. Good builders bring value addition: Being a new home owner one should be aware of the fact that a good home builder always brings value addition to the new home. Also, such builders by their quality jobs make the resale value to the highest point when a resale is considered.
  8. Good builders offer warranty service: One should always look for the builders who offer warranty for their professional work. Reputed firms even give such warranties in writings for some specific period from the completion date. This feature offers the buyers a great peace of mind that cannot be valued in terms of money.
  9. Look only for accredited builders: This is yet another key factor one has to look before finalizing a home builder. The credentials of the builders need to be checked and it is always suggested to hire a builder who has been a member of the reputed builder’s forums.
  10. Professionally managed builders: Last but not the least it is always suggested to hire a professionally managed building company, which hires the right professionals for doing the right jobs. Such firms always offer the best customer support to every client they serve.

Home builders can make or break the dreams of the homeowners. One should know the fact that no amount of expensive fixtures and finishing touches will offset the shabby work and hence a prospective new homeowner has to pay more attention in selecting a right home builder, who alone can make a perfect transformation of a house into a real home.

Summary: With the aforementioned top ten tips a buyer can able to identify a good home builder who forms a good fit to the needs of the first time home buyers at Lucknow.


How to Improve the Value of your Home?

Selling an old home is not easy unless you make some improvement and, freshen up its interior and exterior to enhance its overall value. Now, the question is: how to boost the value of your property? Browse through this article to know the tricks.

Of late, many residential flats in Lucknow are being sold and the property owners are enjoying a good profit out of it. If you too are intending to join this group of happy sellers, try out the following tips to spruce up your property and pull up its value:

Improve the Value of your Home

Improve the Value of your Home

Cleanliness Matters:

Unclean, cluttered, weird smelling home is a big turn off if you are planning to offer your residential property for sale. Thus, clearing up the mess vacuuming, dusting and wiping the floors should be the priority for the home owners. Secondly, it is also important to depersonalize the living space to the best extent possible because buyers coming to inspect your home would not like to imagine themselves in your rooms when they are fraught with your family pictures and other personal belongings.

Don’t forget to remove the curtains as it would allow natural light to enter your home and make the home appear bigger.

Inspection Does Half the Job:

It is very important to get your home thoroughly inspected by professionals before lending it for sale. Ask the professional inspectors to check out for construction quality like deteriorating roofs, non-working electrical units and pest infestation and fix it, if there is any issue. Heck out for other hidden issues that you cannot find with a normal eye. Seek services of a professional plumber to fix drainage system issues, if any. Keep in mind, the longer you put off the necessary `repairs, the bigger and more expensive they will  turn out to be.

Painting Would Be a Good Option:

Painting the entire home would be a great option before you offer it for sale. Painting would not only lend a fresh look to your home but will also drive away the insects. Newly painted space looks clean, attractive and updated. It will definitely create a fair impression on those who come to check out your home before investing in it.

A Smart Exterior Would Convince the Buyers:

Don’t even dare to sell your home without renovating its exterior. A smartened up, well-maintained home is always a treat to the buyers ‘eyes. Begin with mowing the lawn and trimming the plants. Replace the cracks of the exterior walls and apply new paint. A good quality exterior paint would not only provide best protection to your home but will add a shine to it. Check for the leakage in your home roof.

Remodeling the Kitchen Would Pay Off:

Since kitchen is considered to be the heart of a residence, remodeling it would definitely be beneficial. However, try not to go overboard turning the cooking space fancier than the rest of of your living space. Just focus on painting the kitchen and turning it more functional with energy-efficient appliances. These appliances are not only good for the environment but will also consume lesser energy. Remember, while shopping for a new house, potential buyers always appreciate things that help them save money.

As we know potential home buyers always look for a property that not only looks good but is comfortable to live. As already stated above, the minor repairs and remodeling would not only upgrade the look and feel of your home but will boost the overall value of your property. From extension and kitchen remodeling to painting, no doubt, it would cost you a good amount of money, but this expenditure would certainly pay off when it gets sold with a handsome profit.

Summary: This article states the improvements that you can make to your home before you offer it for sale. The mentioned tips would definitely help you enhance the look, feel and value of your home and make it attractive to the buyers.

Things to Consider When Moving Cities or Areas With Your Family

relocating-in-delhiThe place we stay determines the happiness and peace of our mind. Considering various needs to choose the destinations which we call as our home, has lots of criteria. Below are some important such criteria to help you in finding a place that can be called as home.

Various ways of choosing a place to reside:

From a big town to a small town and vice-a-versa have their own positive points and consequences. Deciding on this depends on individual requirements, expectations and past experiences. For example, if you are living in a metro city, but looking in for residential flats in Lucknow the following can be considered.

  • Location

When we select a destination to stay, the first thing comes in mind is the affordability and adjustment of the place. Other factors like the place, accessibility, and convenience also counts. Above all whether it comes into the budget is what comes first.

Moving to a small town from a city will help in reducing the recurring expenditure. The cost of groceries, gas connections, vegetables, fruits, daily utility bills, taxes etc. will go down. This creates savings and affordability.

  • Jobs, Income & Taxes

Employment opportunities, taxes on income and other local taxes differ from one place to other. Analyzing, research and development on jobs availability, job qualities, and packages offered and moreover the nature of job looked for to be given big thoughts. For a same profile, salary for a person in New York might be different than that of a person in country side or a small town. Here consideration should also be given to the cost of living.

The cost of living includes recurring expenditure and the taxes to pay. There are some countries where there is no tax levied on income and some countries where no tax is levied on retail sales / services. This forms a very important factor in selecting a destination. Countries having less tax or no tax in income and no sales, services taxes would be ideal or profitable.

  • Cost of Property

Purchasing property is one of the important aspects of investment where proper research is important like getting in detail of the cost, resale value, life of the property etc.

Various websites and property agents are available to help on this. Selecting destinations where real estate value remains high all the time can be an added advantage. Developing Places yield good returns for the money.


  • Education

Educational opportunities vary from place to place. It plays a vital role in decision. Having good schools and colleges around is necessary. There are people who have travelled for reaching good schools. Some of them even leave the city and shift to another in search of good educational systems.

This needs consideration given to tuition fees and other recurring costs towards the education. The reputation of the schools and institutions adds values to the children’s career.

  • Vicinity to Family / Friends

People with extended family willing to spend time with friends and family members should try to cogitate to stay in the vicinity handier to them. A destination easily reached by a public transport or by a flight. This will help in not feeling isolated and spending the time in travel to reach the dear ones.

Final Word

To select a destination, a long sequence of aspects to be given importance.

Although the above mentioned elements are very important and to be considered, few more aspects are there which plays vital role in deciding like the size of the city / town, food, weather, environment, medical facilities, accessibility to the airport & other Places, public transport facility, ethos, criminal rates & figures, availability of safety Measures etc.

All the above said factors differ from one individual to another. Do give a thought to the place where you stay now and the reason for deciding that.

Things to Take Care of When your Property Possession Gets Delayed

Purchasing a home is a critical decision since it involves a huge investment. After all, hard-earned money is put into buying a house. Whether you are planning to invest in new residential projects in Lucknow or somewhere else, you need to be very careful so that you do not end up regretting your decision. In spite of all care and judgement, you may not get the possession on time in some instances. What would you do in such cases? Read on to find a solution.

Paarthinfra Build: Checklist Why your Possession Gets Delayed

Paarthinfra Build: Checklist Why your Possession Gets Delayed

Reasons Why Your Property Possession May be Detained

Several reasons can contribute to your delay in property possession, pending municipal approvals being one among them. Rise in property prices may be another vital reason as the developer may intentionally not offer possession in the anticipation of making purchasers pay a higher amount even if the contract is made at the older price. This, however, won’t get reflected in the sale contract. Developer’s lack of funds may also contribute to your delay of property possession. 

What To Do If the Possession is Held Up?

No matter what the reason behind the delay is, it will result in a direct loss of your money. It will depress you and turn it difficult for you to plan for the future. Suppose, you are staying in a rented property waiting for the property possession. In case of possession detainment, you will need to continue to pay the rent till you acquire your property. In this way, it may frustrate you financially. Read below to know what should be done in the instance of property possession delay:

Seek a Refund

Seeking a refund from the builder may be a possible option if you do not get the property you bought within the stipulated time period.

Demand Compensation

Demanding compensation would be logical if the builder fails to complete construction or cannot hand over the completed apartment within the promised period. At the time of entering into the home purchase agreement, you should include this clause involving compensation in your contract.

Filing of Consumer Complaint Would be an Effective Option

As a buyer, you can always file a consumer complaint if you are not satisfied with a service as it has been mentioned in the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 (CPA) against the developer. You need to submit a written complaint to the concerned Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum or Commission’ under the CPA, while considering territorial and pecuniary jurisdictions.

If you are investing in new residential projects in Lucknow for personal use and your possession gets delayed, you can file a case as per the value of your property or the loss you suffered. Even if the possession is detained for a single day, you can claim for your losses.

Get Your Share

If you have been promised by the builder that you will enjoy the possession within a couple of months and the builder fails to keep his promise, you can demand the money spent as rent for a substitute accommodation. This would be specifically appropriate if you are purchasing a home for the first time. You can also ask for the interest on the payment that you have made till date for the home in the instance of delayed possession.

No doubt that a delay in possession can be depressing. But, you should not lose hope as you now know how to act in such instances. Whatever may be your plan, do not forget to send a legal notice to the builder prior to taking an action. The notice may prompt the concerned party to accelerate the process to take required actions, thus, saving you money and time.

Here are a few things you want to look out for before you take possession  of your new home .