Group Housing Projects in Lucknow, The City of Nawabs

Lucknow City: city of Nawab

Lucknow City: City of Nawabs

The multi-cultural city of Lucknow accompanies a hoard of environmental benefits. Strikingly, it has witnessed almost a sea of population in the recent times, which is in turn making it a daunting task to provide the benefits to the entire population. Thankfully, housing is solving all basic needs in this city with better functional structure. Many agencies and brokerage firms are working hard to fulfill all the demands in the city.

Enriched with financial and economical boom, its growing population requires infrastructural and architectural superiority. Evidently, several renowned realty brands have come forth to ease out the housing facilities for the citizens here. These brands have become synonymous with quality, luxury, style, modernity, comfort, and convenience in Lucknow.

Residential locations

Lucknow is the host to numerous famous residential sites, such as:

  • Gomti Nagar Extension
  • Mohanlalganj
  • Faizabad Road
  • Chinhat Lucknow
  • Raebreli Road, Lucknow
  • Amar Sheed Path

You will find many premium flats with superior faculties in all these areas, which are located over acres and have great environment with all amenities. These are mostly greener and clear places, hence proving to be highly effective and efficient. Purchasing property in these locations may also help you get better discounts.

The mission and vision of the realty estate organizations behind doing business in these Lucknow areas is quite clear. They aspire to privilege the customers in the form of numerous supportive and excellent facilities. Here are few more of these amenities:


  • Commitment towards Quality, Integrity, and Value Creation for all stakeholders / customers.
  • Implementation of Best Business Practices that goes beyond customer expectations.
  • Establishment of new benchmarks for the industry by besting existing standards.
  • Delivering high quality Residential and Commercial projects that correlate with Global Developers.
  • Leading the real estate industry with high caliber, efficient manpower, and innovative technology.
  • Ensure continuous delight for our customers and stakeholders by always staying a step ahead of the curve.
  • Accelerating the limits of excellence through path breaking innovation and professionalism.
  • Conceiving and delivering quality that conforms to the best practices of Eco – Friendly development.
  • Leveraging modern cost effective techniques resulting in quality, durability, wealth creation, and value multiplication.

They believe in building faith in their customers by their transparency, uncompromising business ethics, and superior quality construction. Not surprisingly, they are also rising in Lucknow’s most elite neighborhood. The architecture of residential complex will be carried on by many great contractor and speaking of the construction quality carried.

The various attributes are related with Residential properties are:

Paarth aadyant

Image Sources: Paarth aadyant

Some of the valuable attributes includes:

  • Wide and well flourished roads
  • Close proximities to the important places
  • Greenery
  • Landscape development
  • Large and comfortable parking and jogging tracks
  • Modern clubs and playing spaces
  • Banks and post offices
  • Power back – ups
  • 24/7 water supply
  • Convenience stores

Residential property in Lucknow provides you with more benefits and features allowing you to take advantage of the best options in an ideal manner as you expect to an optimum extent. All you need is to choose one of the property deals offering you best results in a perfect manner.

Their teams are committed to providing outstanding customer service to ensure resident satisfaction, collaborating with our University partners. They respond to the needs of our residential community, and work toward improving operations while providing effective benefits.


Different Types of Ownerships to Consider when Looking for a Home

If you are a first time home buyer, starting your search for the ideal property can be a tough and overwhelming task. With a number of unfamiliar situations to navigate yourself through, the entire process can be a lot more intimidating than you imagined. To be able to work your way around the various technical and legal terminology, here is a great place to start.

Understanding the Different Types of Ownership

Before you start looking at new residential apartments in Lucknow it is important that you weigh your options. Understand that you as home seeker have two property ownership modes to choose from –

 Freehold Property
The more common of the two types of ownership, a freehold ownership is where the buyer essentially has complete legal rights over the property in question. This means that he has the right to transfer the ownership, sell the property or stay in it as per his own needs and whims.

 Leasehold Property
In this form of property ownership, one essentially only owns the building but does not own the land. Furthermore, the ownership of the property is for a pre-defined tenure that can go up to 99 years. At the end of the lease agreement period, the property ownership is transferred back to its original owner.

Which Option must I go for?
The freehold property option proves to be a much more practical investment option since you are securing the future for not only yourself for also your heirs. Furthermore, such property is also a lot more marketable in the real estate market, making it easier to sell, mortgage or rent out in the time of need.

Understanding the Transfer of Property

Furthermore, your leasehold residential apartment in Lucknow cannot be transferred as easily as one can transfer a freehold home. You will be expected to have a Power of Attorney for conducting any form of transaction. Furthermore, this power PoA ceases to exist when the seller or the owner passes away.

Enjoying Absolute Ownership

In case of a freehold property, the complete legal ownership of the apartment in question goes to the buyer. In the case of leasehold, the buyer is essentially a lessee and has extremely limited rights. Opting for a leasehold solution is ideal only if your requirement is a short-term one and you want easy access to a home for a limited period of time. Also, if you intend to delay your decision to buy a new home because of an unfavourable buyer’s market, you can temporarily consider opting for a leasehold ownership at a negotiated price.

Considering that the title is always absolute and clear, most real estate experts recommend that home buyers opt for the freehold property mode of ownership. This option tends to be a lot more stable and owners are able to enjoy the benefit of market appreciations in the long run. These properties are easier to sell, mortgage and maintain as standing security.

The Process of Registration of Immovable Property, Easily Explained

Whenever you buy an immovable piece of land or property, it is compulsory to register it under S. 17 of the Indian Registration Act, 1908. Registration should take place within the required number of days with the concerned authority, which may be the Sub-Registrar or the Sub-District Magistrate (SDM), depending on the state the property is situated in. With this, the legal ownership of the property and the consequences of such a title are granted to you.

Real Estate Companies India

The Registration Process:

Nowadays, this process pertaining to registration of immovable property has been greatly simplified. As it is now online in most states, it has led to increased transparency and extinction of middlemen, thus reducing costs. Interested parties can download the form from the website or approach the office of the relevant authority for forms.

Consequential Registration Expenses:

If you thought that the cost of purchasing property ends with settling the seller’s account, you were extremely mistaken. The entire process of registration burns a deep hole in your pocket. Therefore, set aside adequate funds for these incidental but pricey expenses, differing from state to state, which usually include –

  1. Stamp Duty: This is a variable cost, depending on a number of factors like the gender of the buyer, the location of the property, its cost, etc. and is usually between 4-8%.
  2. Document Writer fees: They usually vary with the cost of the property but the government has prescribed a threshold % beyond which they cannot charge clients.
  3. Lawyer fees: They depend on the lawyers.
  4. Registration fees: They are usually 2% of the total value and an additional Rs. 100 for pasting charges.

The Registration Documentation:

Again, the documentation varies from state-to-state and also depends on whether the property is directly purchased from the developer or from secondary owners. It also differs in case of transfer of a mortgaged property. The following documents are usually required for registration of property in your name –

  1. Title Deeds (original and previous)
  2. Property Tax Receipts and Bill
  3. Two passport-size photos (both parties)
  4. Government Photo ID proof (both parties and witness)
  5. Copy of latest property register card (obtained from City Survey department) to ensure that the property isn’t in government ownership
  6. PAN card or Form 16 (If property costs more than Rs. 5 lakhs)

The registered document can be obtained 2-3 weeks after the registration process in completed, from the office of the registrar.

Mutation of the Property:

The ultimate step in the legal process of buying property is applying to the appropriate Land and Survey office to alter the certificate of ownership to the new owner’s name. This application should be accompanied with an indemnity bond, affidavit and a notarized copy of the registered title deed.

Key points:

Often, people make mistakes when it comes to registration of land and immovable property. It is absolutely necessary that everything submitted to the authority must be true and correct in every respect. In case of fallacious information, the mistake can prove to be costly as a subsequent deed may have to be registered, again incurring registration expenses and in the process wasting valuable time. Often, top builders in India get their documents written by a registered government writer or experienced lawyer to extinguish chances of mistakes and they themselves meticulously check the manuscripts before submission.

With this, the process is complete. Once a property is registered, the owner benefits twofold – it establishes absolute ownership in the eyes of law and the risk of fraud is immensely reduced and it is convenient to solve disputes, if they arise. The government profits as it helps them maintain an up-to-date record and the fees and duties collected augment the treasury.


This article throws light on the lengthy process of registration of property and points to be kept in mind, along with the incidental expenses and documents required. Thus, it enlightens buyers of property and land with the consequential process of purchasing their property.

Lucknow Real Estate Projects to Make Full Proof Investment Option

Investing in real estate in now considered to be one of the safest investments since no danger at all is associated. If you want to have your money over property buying, you can be assured that the price will increase definitely within few years. Especially in residential apartments, making money is easier than ever. Apart from that, this availability of real estate properties has also helped people in search of homes, to live comfortably. Thus, investing in the leading real estate project is a smart idea both ways. The specific residential apartments present in Lucknow, savior the beauty of this place and enhance the cultural taste. Since housing complexes are the mainstay complexes of any city, they are the spaces where living spaces which are definitely not going to fold and get exploded just like any other cheap luxury flats from Lucknow real estate projects, few years back.

Luxury real estate India

Now with the present scenario, homes are constructed with strict norms to provide safety to the families. You need to check out the construction companies that are located in the desirable town area where amenities and grocery are nearer. Getting the right resource is necessary. Choice of city is if Lucknow, you can be assured about getting huge options in the thriving economy. Ideally, the city holds a static economic growth and potential which are presently available and are on the way of planning in the upcoming years. Since greater numbers of people are moving to the town, more constructions are taking place.

Choice of any Lucknow real estate projects can be beneficial if they are renowned as the best construction companies. You can have deals on the flats at ease if you demand, at affordable prices. If the best interest from the real estate investment is demanded, you must locate the right agent to deal with real estate construction companies. Read the rules and contracts carefully can help understand the hidden terms and conditions that is beneficial to make profit and have comfort living.

Make sure investment opportunities and flat in Uttar Pradesh are well checked and verified before investing.

Own Property in Lucknow with Assured Return

Lucknow was a tourist destination famous for its Bhul Bhulaiya, old Moghul monuments and bangles. Little people could think that it will become a coveted IT destination and people would like to buy a property in Lucknow with assured return.

Flats with assured returns

Paarth Infra’s projects like Paarth Arka, Paarth Adyant and Paarth NU have become chosen destinations for the Local and NRI investors for a plethora of reasons.

Convenient Location

These projects are located so near to the IT corridor and the airport, that you will never experience the stress of travelling to your work place. Nirman Nigam and many other prime locations of the city are close by. These properties in Lucknow with assured return are pulling the domestic and NRI real estate investment in Lucknow to these projects.

State of the Art facilities

The facilities which are available in the apartment complexes in the Western world are incorporated in our projects. These residential projects in Lucknow come with club facilities, swimming pool, Sauna, Steam, Jacuzzi, Gymnasium, Indoor games like: Snooker/Pool Table etc., Tennis/ Multi-purpose court, Provision for Restaurant/Cafeteria, Provision for business lounge etc. open/Stilt/ Basement car parking and many more facilities.

Value for money

These projects not only are located in an excellent location, and provide you with excellent facilities; they have kept in mind the needs of children, adults and senior citizens alike. Hence these residential projects in Lucknow are now the coveted destination for the classy and suave professionals.

I was always interested in owning my own place in Lucknow because it is an upcoming city. It is not crowded like the metros and has a fantastic blend of the old world charm and new world sophistication. I would recommend everyone to go and have a look at the model flats and speak with the highly efficient team. I assure you that you will fall in love with the entire concept of the project and would love to buy a property here to pass it on to your next generation.

Lucknow Real Estate Projects Witnessed a Sea Change after Paarth Infra’s Entry

Uttar Pradesh was known for its rich culture and heritage. It has the sangam in Allahabad and people from all parts of the world come for a holy dip in the Ganges. The state is the home to many renowned writers like Harivansh Rai Bacchan, Munshi Prem Chand, Mahadevi Verma etc. Hence many people dream of buying a flat in UttarPradesh and Paarth Infra is making that dream a reality.


So whatever is your budget, we have a flat for you. If you are planning to buy a studio apartment for investment purpose so that you can earn some rental income by renting it out to bachelors, then we have Paarth NU for you. If you want to buy it for yourself, and you have just started your career and your budget is less, then you may choose to buy our 1 BHK compact flats in Paarth NU. You can enjoy all the premium facilities of the community living like the swimming pool,Gymnasium, Indoor games like: Snooker /pool Table etc., indoor squash court, tennis court, multi-purpose court, Jacuzzi, steam room etc. A flat in UttarPradesh with all these amenities is not very common.

If you have recently got married and your budget suits a 2 BHK apartment, then we have some units in Paarth Arka for you. And if you want to live comfortably with children, parents and a servant, then we have 3 BHK residential apartments in Lucknow and 4 BHK units with servant room in Paarth Arka and Paarth Aadyant. We are one of the best developers for flat in UttarPradesh and you may trust our quality with closed eyes as we have got certifications from CRISIL and LEEDs.

I was mesmerised to see the floor plans of real estate Lucknow projects which have used the green building concepts so well. The safety and security of the campus is excellent. I saw the fire fighting system in place and the gated community with full-fledged security. I need not worry when I leave my family back here and have to go out of the town.

The Most Trusted Real Estate Company in Lucknow: Paarthinfra

For generations investing in real estate and gold have been considered as the most trusted modes of investment. If you want to get the maximum possible benefits out of your investment, then look no beyond. PaarthInfra properties in Lucknow guarantee you with assured returns. As everyone knows that the prices of the residential properties are growing by leaps and bound, and post the Modi government has taken over, the real estate industry is picking up.

Real Estate Companies India

Excellent passive income

The best part about investing in real estate is that you need not work towards earning the income. The rental income is one of the best forms of passive incomes where you just sit and relax and get good money at the end of the month. One real estate company in Lucknow which cares for you the most is PaarthInfra. The projects Paarth Arka, Paarth Aadyant and Paarth NU have a strategic location. They are located adjacent to the Amar Shaheed Path and is a stone’s throw from the Cricket stadium and the proposed IT Park. Hence the property prices here are bound to increase.

No risk investments

In today’s world, every property buyer is always worried before making an investment. Whether he is buying a legal property, is the title clear etc. are some of the questions which always bothers him/her. Come to us and we will take all of your worries away. Our projects are clean and have been certified by the prestigious LEEDS Certification. It has the CRISIL rating too and it is a property in Lucknow with assured return on your investments. Our properties are approved by most of the leading banks and you can live a stress free life after investing in our properties.

Infrastructure and Facilities

I visited the facility and was overwhelmed to see the architectural delight. The properties come with a big swimming pool, Gymnasium, Indoor games like: Snooker /pool Table etc., indoor squash court, tennis court, multi-purpose court etc. There can be no residential property in Lucknow better than this which will enrich you with assured return.