How to Buy Commercial Real Estate

Creating a good investment portfolio is as important as getting a health insurance. Real estate is an important component of a good investment portfolio not only because of its possible high returns but also because of its associated pride of ownership. However, return on investment may vary with different real estate options. Both residential and commercial real estate respond differently to situations.

Commercial Property in Kanpur Road

A commercial property could be a small shop in a neighborhood, housing complex or a mall, a small office space, or even a joint investment in a bigger office space. However, before buying a commercial space, each of these options need to be studied from the point of investment amount, returns, exit options and associated risk.

Here are some tips one must consider before making a purchase of commercial property.

  1. Know your Requirements

The first step towards purchasing commercial real estate is knowing your own needs, your financial situation, and what it is that you are looking for from the property. Some important points to consider when choosing a commercial property include the kind of property one is looking for, whether the commercial space is to be used for your own business or for rental purpose or simple for building equity. What is the preferred location of the property?  Would leasing instead of buying be a smarter decision for your business? What is the financial situation of your business?  Will you need a for loan? Take into consideration your risk tolerance, the amount of time to commit to the property while waiting for returns, whether to hire a property manager and whether the size of investment is worthwhile.

  1. Understand the Technical Terms Related to investing in a commercial property

There many technical terms in real estate business that may sound intimidating to a buyer. Make yourself comfortable with these terms to have complete clarity on the deal you are getting into.  Terms such as Loan-To-Value (LTV), i.e, a ratio of how much money one is asking from a lender vs. the total value of what one wants to purchase, Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSC) – Operating income over total debt service which indicates how much of the debt one will be able to cover each year with his income are thrown around quiet often during a typical property deal. Other terms such as Capitalization Rate Cash on Cash, Vacancy Rate, Usable vs. Rentable Square Feet will all come handy when dealing with a commercial property. For instance, Rentable office space means the usable square feet of the office space plus a pro-rata share of building common areas. A commercial property in Kanpur Road can have usable square feet of 900 sq ft while the rentable square feet can be 1050 sq ft,

  1. Compare Properties and Obtain Expert Advice

Before buying a commercial property, consider and analyze different options. Figure out what works and what doesn’t work for each property against parameters like price, location, condition, and allowed uses. Location is an important parameter for comparison. Commercial properties located near universities, hospitals, or downtown areas will generally have a higher value and sell more quickly. Some checklists for analysis include the rental income the property can generate, the taxes to be paid, the amount of maintenance or repair required, the reason the property is being sold by the owner, and what are the major upcoming changes in the locality. Making this analysis could be a complex process. It is therefore advisable to hire experts for guidance. If the property is more complicated, one may even need help from tax experts, accountants, lawyers, notaries, appraisers, engineers, or environmental specialists.

  1. Evaluate your Budget and Financing Strategy

Before making a commitment to buy a commercial property it is important to evaluate your budget. Estimate how much down payment you can make, how much loan you can avail and in how much time you will be able to repay the loan. You may need some expert advice on financing your purchase including what type of banks, credit unions or home mortgage options you can use, what kind of credit you have and what kind of interest rate the banks will offer. There could be more than one way to finance your commercial real estate purchase. It is necessary to understand and evaluate all the options.

Finally, the buyer is often given a time period for due diligence which should be used to make sure that all the documentation about the property is correct. This is where you can check that everything the seller told you about the property is true including service/utility contracts, surveys, environments reports, rent rolls, covenants, restrictions, and other aspects of the property. If something is found wrong during inspection of the property, you can immediately ask your bank to cancel the transfer of funds.


LDA flats in Gomti Nagar Extension Lucknow – Enthralling attention of all and sundry

Gomti Nagar, a hot space in Lucknow has been in news for its posh areas and the newly constructed locations. In fact, the entire Lucknow city has shown much development in the recent years. There has been development in every nook and corner of the city and Gomti Nagar has not been an exception. The developing flats in Gomti Nagar extension Lucknow is now becoming a popular choice among people. The major reason for people choosing this place as their residence can be cited as below:

LDA gives a boost to private projects

Lucknow Development Authority has given approval to the construction of a ring road, 150-meter wide. This is sure to give a boost to the private projects in the area.
The metro connecting the city

If you want a reliable public transport system, then Lucknow Metro is all set to assist you. The under construction project is scheduled to connect every part of the city. Once completed, it will affect the standard of living for the residents effectively, for good. Some Metro routes have even started, but still a big part is under development. It will turn out as a good transport partner for the daily commuters, for sure.

Provision for a Knowledge Park

In the coming times, there is a provision for a knowledge park between Jail Road and Mohan Road in the master plan for Lucknow. This area would be given to build institutions to provide higher education to students. The urban planning is sure to let the city achieve its goals of being a smarter city.

Several commercial districts in development

Gomti Nagar has not been a developed area before. The shopping joints are located a little far off from the place, which makes people travel a little to purchase their desires. However, if you are purchasing LDA flats in Gomti Nagar extension Lucknow you would no longer have to travel far for shopping. Connective locations like Rae Bareli Road, Faizabad Road and Sultanpur are already in the process of developing commercial districts and the work will soon be completed. This has also influenced the prices of the residential flats around the area.

Improvement in the outskirts

There will be new townships, CG City, housing projects, cricket stadium and Awadh Shilp Gram along a 100km Outer Ring Road. The possibility reports have already been submitted to the concerned authority and as soon as it gets approval, the works will start. So, you understand that your entertainment world, especially if you are a lover of various sports will be within your reach.

Hospitals in the vicinity

Living here would be a relief factor if you are having elderly people in your home. Several multispecialty hospitals have grown in this location, providing world-class medical services not only to local patients but also to the ones who are coming from abroad. All these are in proximity of Gomti Nagar extension.

Regular terminal setups

It is found that the Town and Country Planning Department has decided to set up terminals at regular intervals to ensure free movement of heavy vehicles like buses and trucks. This will increase the livability index in Lucknow roads.

More developments in line

The LDA flats in Gomti Nagar extension Lucknow will also witness the growth of several infrastructures and facilities to meet the necessities of the residential people. Sanitation, water supply and waste management have already been highlighted and the officials are looking forward to its implementation.


All these reasons are leading huge response from the homebuyers. If you are also looking forward to making a home purchase, you can consider this place for your choice.

Lucknow is growing rapidly in terms of residential projects; especially LDA flats in Gomti Nagar extension are becoming the talk of the town. If you also wish to make the most of the construction boom in this area, the flats in this location are all up for grab. So hurry!

Enjoying the Township Advantage – Why Investing in a Township is the Way to Go?

Not sure if investing in a township is the right way to go?

As the real estate scenario in India evolves, the requirement for mixed-use development projects or townships are on the rise. Taking into account the economies of scale they offer, there is no doubt why they are becoming popular each year.

goldtower2 Township

Paarth Republic Goldfinch Township Project

Townships are typically developed on the outskirts of established cities, offering self-sufficient infrastructure along with civic amenities, making them an attractive investment as well as living option.

What is a Township?

Even thought he township format of development has been around for a while its approach isn’t exactly unified. This means that at any point of time, one can find development projects spanning 25 acres to as high as 2500 acres being touted as townships. That said, there are a number of states in India, where the planning authorities have laid down key prerequisites for any development project to be considered a township. Besides the size of the land, there are a few other requirements to take into account such as width of the road, percentage of land used, etc that need to be met.

Furthermore, depending on how big the township is, the project is expected to also provide a certain amount of social infrastructure and facilities. For instance, all townships must have schools and basic healthcare facilities. For townships over 1000 acres must also provide a college. All townships are expected to provide a community room and library, but only mega townships are required to offer a recreational club. Projects that are larger than 1000 acres are the ones that are often referred to as “integrated townships” because of their self-sustaining nature.

Why Consider a Township?

Projects such as the residential township in Kanpur road Lucknow cater to critical challenges associated with urbanization in India. They are able to overcome the issue of unplanned development and overcrowding to provide an impressive quality of residential as well as commercial properties. This means that potential home owners, investors, banks, retailers, convenience store owners, healthcare service providers, eateries and a host of other establishments find it attractive to move here.

Value for Buyers

In India it is common to come across a number of locations that are ideal for real estate development but miss the boat because of lack of supportive infrastructure. Integrated projects such as the residential township are the perfect solution for developers as well as investors. Investors find great value in parking their money on property that comes with ready civic amenities right at the doorstep. Since the responsibility of upgrading the social and physical infrastructure of a township lies on the head of the developer, end-users do not need to wait around for governments to make changes that typically take years.

Integrated townships work because of the economies of scale that they offer. Since there is mass development taking place in an area, the per unit cost of development and maintenance tends to be relatively low. This makes it a win-win situation for developers as well as investors.

Here are a few other benefits to consider residential townships –

  • Higher return on investment as there is simultaneous commercial development taking place along side residential projects.
  • Since the locations are typically in the outskirts of big cities, the initial cost of development is lower as compared to a central location.
  • Investors are able to benefit from a larger resale value of a property in a township as compared to a standalone residential or commercial building.
  • NRIs especially see value in investing in townships that are easily maintained while away, while also offering a significant chance of value appreciation over the years.

Townships are typically considered to be low risk investments because of the low entry costs and larger potential of appreciation.

Investing in LDA Flats in Gomti Nagar Extension, Lucknow

The capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, is a major metropolis of India. The City of Nawabs, has always been recognized for its glorious past and rich culture, and is the second biggest city in central and north India after Delhi. With development touching various sectors, the real estate sector in Lucknow is being impacted significantly.

Current Real Estate Scenario in Lucknow

The real estate market in Lucknow is currently a ‘buyer’s market’ with a healthy mix of investors and end users in a 60:40 ratio respectively with majority of the investment activity prevalent in the new emerging locations like Gomti Nagar and Gomti Nagar Extension.

With recent governmental development projects, vibrant economy and top-class infrastructure, the future of Lucknow looks bright, particularly in real estate. So, this seems to be the ideal time to invest in the property market in Lucknow.

Major Developments in Lucknow:


The Lucknow Smart City Project will focus on enhancing infrastructure such as roads, flyovers, underpasses, public transport, water supply, solid waste management, use of solar and renewable energy, energy efficiency, affordable housing, non-motorized transport, etc. Such significant investment in urban infrastructure and amenities is expected to boost the realty market. Some of the major developments that are coming up in Lucknow include:

Lucknow -Agra Expressway: It’s a 302 kms 6 lane road expandable to 8 lane connecting Lucknow to Agra via Kannauj, The expressway will get further connected to Yamuna expressway via express link thus reducing the travel time between Lucknow to NCR immensely.

Outer Ring Road: Outer Ring road is a 3000 crore project and it’s approved by the Lucknow Development Authority (LDA). This will connect all the major highways of Lucknow and thus reduce the traffic congestion of the city.

International Cricket Stadium: The International cricket stadium is being constructed on Shaheed Path in Gomti Nagar Extension in sector 7.

Lucknow Metro: The Lucknow Metro is being constructed in full swing and the phase one of Lucknow Metro has already been initiated which runs from Lucknow Airport to Charbagh. The lucknow metro is expected to significantly impact the realty market in Gomti Nagar and other adjoining areas.

IT City: IT City in chak gajaria farm is proposed and the 100 acre campus of HCL is under construction, it’s located on Sultanpur road, Lucknow. This will create large number of job opportunities and boost employment sector in Lucknow.

Shaan E Awadh: Earlier known as Connaught Place, this is a commercial project of UP Government located in Gomti Nagar Extension sector 7, This could also be a key attraction for real estate development demand in Gomti Nagar.

Dial 100 project: Dial 100 is a project by UP Government on the basis of Dial 911 in the U.S.A., It’s headquarter is being constructed and developed by PWD in Gomti Nagar Extension Sector 7.

Gomti River Front View: A lot of effort is being made by Lucknow Development Authority for the Beautification of the Lucknow Riverfront at Gomti Nagar. Initiatives are being taken to make this a major tourist attraction.

Real Estate Demand in Gomti Nagar Extension:


Gomti Nagar and Gomti Nagar Extension jointly is the largest well planned developed township of India. The expected population of the township in 2021 will be touching 1,300,000 mark. Gomti Nagar Phase I, II and Extension are considered to be some of the hottest real estate growth corridors in Lucknow. Excellent social infrastructure together with commercial and retail catchments along with its close proximity to the Central Business District (CBD), are some of the major factors that are the driving force behind the real estate growth in this region.

LDA Flats in Gomti Nagar Extention

Given that the scenario for the realty market in Gomti Extension looks lucrative, it is a good idea for buyers to invest in LDA flats in Gomti Nagar Extension.


2 BHK Apartments for Sale in Lucknow – Try Your Luck and Grab One Now!

Everyone cherishes a wish to live in a house of their own and apartments try to fulfill this particular dream by providing the people with various styles of flats and that too with different specifications. Life has become a lot easier with these apartments, as you get a taste of posh lifestyle but at an affordable price. Though there are many companies offering many more options, yet it is wise to choose that name which has goodwill in the market.

In Lucknow as well, there are numerous dealers to help you struck a deal but before signing a contract, you should always inspect the whereabouts properly and check how the specifications are benefiting you. Getting an apartment is like a life-long investment; hence, you should be careful about your money and its usages.

The choice of place

Lucknow is an ancient city in India but it still has ample space left in it. If the real estate people design and plan properly, the city might have residential structures that will give shelter to many people. The builders are exactly doing that and an amazing merge of two worlds has taken place. On one hand is the calm charm of old world and on the other is the charged-up lifestyle of the fast-paced race. Amidst these two, the soothing ambiance is worth experiencing.


Therefore, if you are seeking a small abode to enjoy your sweet slumber, then you will come across many 2BHK Apartments for sale in Lucknow. You can visit and then decide an option depending on which satisfies you the most. In a two-bedroom-hall-kitchen set up, a small family of four to five can fit easily if it positioned spaciously. In this scenario, the neighborhood also plays an important role, as you will require a proper and comfortable ambiance to thrive happily.

Various Projects

The economic condition of the people varies considerably and depending on that varies the kind of lifestyle one leads. The present real estate developers have understood the call of the time and that is why it has numerous plans thinking about the different strata of people. Very smartly, the company divided its projects into apartments and categorized it according to the benefits and price offered.

Each project is innovatively different from the other and thoroughly designed with its own specifications and requirements, which might fit completely with the need of another person. However, in every project, the developer gives its full effort and tries to make products a success with modern urban techniques and facilities.
Nevertheless, the experience is mandatory, as with age, one matures and vision becomes clear. This in turn helps to sail out for ventures that will surely make heads turn. One chooses his/her own house depending on the specifications but apart from there are certain basic factors which one needs to consider while buying any place.


Before hiring the 2BHK Apartments for sale in Lucknow, one should look for:

  • An amiable ambiance where the neighbors are there to provide helping hands
  • Proximity to all landmark institutions like a hospital, schools, offices etc
  • Proximity to the main road, markets etc. to save time.
  • Spacious garden or lawn for relaxation
  • Swimming pool, gym, sports etc. for rejuvenation
  • Well-furnished (if not), well-designed room with a superior quality of materials which long lasting.

Shelter is the basic requirement of a person, which he won’t be able to deny. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the luxury along with the serenity and security and that too within your budget, you know which place, to visit. So, happy homecoming!

Paarth Arka- Lucknow Gets a New Lifestyle Benchmark

Paarth Arka- Lucknow Gets a New Lifestyle Benchmark from Paarth Infra on Vimeo.

There was a time when establishing a building was a task but Paarth Infrabuild Pvt. Ltd. provided a new vision to rebuild the image of Real Estate in India. The conceptualization of this organization was an innovation in itself and they look forward to setting the benchmarks of innovation at all levels.

One of such creation is Paarth Arka which is building on the bedrock of trust.

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How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent in Lucknow

Finding the best home for yourself and for your family can be an extremely demanding and stressful task. In case you are looking for an LDA flat in gomti nagar extension Lucknow, you can complete your house hunting with the help of an established and reputed real estate agent in the area. Choosing to scout for a home without external help of an agent can be very time consuming for you. Thus, it is advisable that you find the right real estate agent for you by following the below considerations:


Search Online

With the growth of internet, almost all information about the best real estate agent in Lucknow can be found out on internet. In fact, an internet can provide you with whole lot of information that you may not be able to find otherwise. Once you get the list of top agents in your preferred society, you can read their terms and condition and other features to further filter down your request. Next you can try calling them and understand the available options and other necessary details about the properties available with them.

Recommendations from Professionals

Another important way to find out some of the leading real estate agents in Gomti Nagar is to discuss with your friends and office colleagues. Many a times, it is possible that your office friends are also looking for a similar space in the same locality and hence they can be a good source of information about all the agents available. Please remember that this is important information that you can rely on since it comes directly from someone you can trust upon.

Check the History

It is always recommended that you check the past-history of any real estate agent while searching for an LDA flat in Gomti Nagar Extension Lucknow. Please find out his establishment year in the local market, his overall experience and his service network. It also makes sense that you personally visit his office to check his credibility. Always prefer an agent that has several years of experience in the business and in your target area.

Market Knowledge

This can be other important criteria while selecting the right real estate agent for you in Gomti nagar. He should be experienced enough to give you a thorough snapshot about the local market and surrounding area. He should have complete knowledge about the neighbourhood, nearest local market, distance to public transportation and other necessary essentials. These things are quite important for you while moving into a new LDA flat in Gomti nagar Extension Lucknow. Also, his prior knowledge and business acumen can help you get the right deal with the seller of the house.

It is essential that you follow the above tips while selecting the right real estate agent for yourself or for any of your relatives. The role of the agent can be very crucial in your final movement and will help you get the right deal and the best option while choosing a house.