Own the Best Residential Apartments Houses in Lucknow – Pave Way to a Luxurious Life

One of the common dreams every individual lives today is building the dream home for themselves. We at Paarthinfra help you relieve the dream in reality.  Find out some of the best 1BHK, 2 BHK or 3 BHK with us. Partha Infra is popular in the construction business for a long period with projects in Delhi and other metro cities too. Owning a flat of your own is a big deal and a property worth spending is something, which we all look forward to. PaarthInfra offers some of the best luxurious homes in town. They offer a home with comforts of the world and the best technology available. Mr. Pradeep Mishra is driving the whole team of Paarthinfra and trying to encompass some of the best solutions together, just to ensure you the utmost comfort.

Live like a Nawab in the city of Nawabs – Lucknow

Lucknow the Nawab city is very popular for its historic monuments and the rich culture. Now a day the hottest topic is the upcoming housing projects. The new lifestyle the famous colleges everything is bring a lot of good scope for this place.  The last few years have seen a lot of changes, which includes a lot of new projects in different areas of the town. Some of the projects in the upcoming days are Paarth Arka, Adyantya & Nu. These projects are not only offers some beautiful views of the city but also adds up world class technological solutions for it clients.

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The projects are designed with utmost care and give priority to all your needs. The team of Parthinfra have specialized people from different backgrounds, which includes engineers, marketing, architects, designers etc. All these professionals work together to make Lucknow a better place to live in. Their projects, all engrossed with plush amenities, elegant designs and marvellous architecture are a welcome example of quality living. It is but likely that you also get inspired by the apartments this real estate magnate offers at such incredible cost.

The Team of Experts

Mr P. N. Misra has years of extensive experience and is willing to serve the cause of housing, infrastructure and related policy formation and development of National Level Infrastructure. Over 40 years of experience he is on consult with all the strategic and business decisions for the projects presently handled by Paarthinfra. Moving over, Mr. Pradeep Misra is presently holding the position of consultant director and is said to have expertise in development of Integrated Townships, Commercial Complexes, Hospitality & Healthcare, Hi-tech Cities and Smart Cities.

Special features of Paarthinfra:-

The projects are built on acres of land with all facilities of gym, medical, clubs etc. in a single platter. It provides round the clock power backup with proper ventilation and lighting.

  • Modern Lifestyle: The homes provide some of the best and modern technology under a single platform.
  • Contemporary Designs and Highly functional layouts: It helps you to live your life with grandeur and the comfort
  • Convenient lifestyle with perfect locations: Locations for Paarthinfra projects are the best one in town surrounding the green belt of nature around it.

Technical Specifications:-

  • Bathroom Fittings (Jaguar or equivalent ) with Towel Rack, Hair Dyer
  • Hot Water from Solar Panel / Gyser
  • Well-furnished home with wooden flooring and anti-skid tiles.
  • Plaster with POP punning and painted with pleasing shades of OBD

Things to Consider When Moving Cities or Areas With Your Family

relocating-in-delhiThe place we stay determines the happiness and peace of our mind. Considering various needs to choose the destinations which we call as our home, has lots of criteria. Below are some important such criteria to help you in finding a place that can be called as home.

Various ways of choosing a place to reside:

From a big town to a small town and vice-a-versa have their own positive points and consequences. Deciding on this depends on individual requirements, expectations and past experiences. For example, if you are living in a metro city, but looking in for residential flats in Lucknow the following can be considered.

  • Location

When we select a destination to stay, the first thing comes in mind is the affordability and adjustment of the place. Other factors like the place, accessibility, and convenience also counts. Above all whether it comes into the budget is what comes first.

Moving to a small town from a city will help in reducing the recurring expenditure. The cost of groceries, gas connections, vegetables, fruits, daily utility bills, taxes etc. will go down. This creates savings and affordability.

  • Jobs, Income & Taxes

Employment opportunities, taxes on income and other local taxes differ from one place to other. Analyzing, research and development on jobs availability, job qualities, and packages offered and moreover the nature of job looked for to be given big thoughts. For a same profile, salary for a person in New York might be different than that of a person in country side or a small town. Here consideration should also be given to the cost of living.

The cost of living includes recurring expenditure and the taxes to pay. There are some countries where there is no tax levied on income and some countries where no tax is levied on retail sales / services. This forms a very important factor in selecting a destination. Countries having less tax or no tax in income and no sales, services taxes would be ideal or profitable.

  • Cost of Property

Purchasing property is one of the important aspects of investment where proper research is important like getting in detail of the cost, resale value, life of the property etc.

Various websites and property agents are available to help on this. Selecting destinations where real estate value remains high all the time can be an added advantage. Developing Places yield good returns for the money.


  • Education

Educational opportunities vary from place to place. It plays a vital role in decision. Having good schools and colleges around is necessary. There are people who have travelled for reaching good schools. Some of them even leave the city and shift to another in search of good educational systems.

This needs consideration given to tuition fees and other recurring costs towards the education. The reputation of the schools and institutions adds values to the children’s career.

  • Vicinity to Family / Friends

People with extended family willing to spend time with friends and family members should try to cogitate to stay in the vicinity handier to them. A destination easily reached by a public transport or by a flight. This will help in not feeling isolated and spending the time in travel to reach the dear ones.

Final Word

To select a destination, a long sequence of aspects to be given importance.

Although the above mentioned elements are very important and to be considered, few more aspects are there which plays vital role in deciding like the size of the city / town, food, weather, environment, medical facilities, accessibility to the airport & other Places, public transport facility, ethos, criminal rates & figures, availability of safety Measures etc.

All the above said factors differ from one individual to another. Do give a thought to the place where you stay now and the reason for deciding that.

Different Types of Ownerships to Consider when Looking for a Home

If you are a first time home buyer, starting your search for the ideal property can be a tough and overwhelming task. With a number of unfamiliar situations to navigate yourself through, the entire process can be a lot more intimidating than you imagined. To be able to work your way around the various technical and legal terminology, here is a great place to start.

Understanding the Different Types of Ownership

Before you start looking at new residential apartments in Lucknow it is important that you weigh your options. Understand that you as home seeker have two property ownership modes to choose from –

 Freehold Property
The more common of the two types of ownership, a freehold ownership is where the buyer essentially has complete legal rights over the property in question. This means that he has the right to transfer the ownership, sell the property or stay in it as per his own needs and whims.

 Leasehold Property
In this form of property ownership, one essentially only owns the building but does not own the land. Furthermore, the ownership of the property is for a pre-defined tenure that can go up to 99 years. At the end of the lease agreement period, the property ownership is transferred back to its original owner.

Which Option must I go for?
The freehold property option proves to be a much more practical investment option since you are securing the future for not only yourself for also your heirs. Furthermore, such property is also a lot more marketable in the real estate market, making it easier to sell, mortgage or rent out in the time of need.

Understanding the Transfer of Property

Furthermore, your leasehold residential apartment in Lucknow cannot be transferred as easily as one can transfer a freehold home. You will be expected to have a Power of Attorney for conducting any form of transaction. Furthermore, this power PoA ceases to exist when the seller or the owner passes away.

Enjoying Absolute Ownership

In case of a freehold property, the complete legal ownership of the apartment in question goes to the buyer. In the case of leasehold, the buyer is essentially a lessee and has extremely limited rights. Opting for a leasehold solution is ideal only if your requirement is a short-term one and you want easy access to a home for a limited period of time. Also, if you intend to delay your decision to buy a new home because of an unfavourable buyer’s market, you can temporarily consider opting for a leasehold ownership at a negotiated price.

Considering that the title is always absolute and clear, most real estate experts recommend that home buyers opt for the freehold property mode of ownership. This option tends to be a lot more stable and owners are able to enjoy the benefit of market appreciations in the long run. These properties are easier to sell, mortgage and maintain as standing security.

Property in Lucknow Shaheed Path to Add Charm in Living with Family

Are you repeatedly having nightmares since the inception of having your dream home? It is pretty normal to get panicked initially with the rise of thought to buy a residence. Peculation test can be done before you choose upon a decision!


Situated on the Basin of Gomti River, the city of Nawabs Lucknow is known for its splendid surrounding and beautiful sceneries. Not only that, Lucknow is now getting indulged with high quality BOP sectors and corporate world attracting people from all over the country to come here and stay. With updated modernization, Lucknow has got a major makeover. Latest technological upfront have made remarkable changes in the overview of this place. Being the capital administrative city of Uttar Pradesh, the place is always attractive for travellers, tourists and workers. The warmth and love of this city is making huge population magnetized here. This has led a remarkable increase in the real estate sector in Lucknow. Not only a perfect deal for staying is obtained but the availability comes with affordability.

To get a property in Lucknow Shaheed path, you can get deluxe flats with luxurious interiors at appropriate prices. You being the customer will love to engross the surroundings and environment most top notch construction companies provide. Lavish kitchens, well-furnished bed rooms and spacious rooms are enough to attract buyers. Since ample space is being made available for hanging out in the surrounding, even kids are going to love the places.

While going for any residential apartment in Lucknow, you need to make thorough search for the availabilities before it is too late. Some priorities are to be looked for before finalizing a deal. It is mandatory to check if the required amenities are placed nearby. Classy restaurants serving quality foods, hospitals, schools and offices should be nearer to the living area, where residential apartment in Lucknow is chosen. A construction company or agent must take you to the best deal that can serve your living with heavenly pleasure. Step out and look for the best choice of your dream home in Lucknow!

Affordable Property in Lucknow: Made Possible By PaarthInfra

Residential apartment houses in Lucknow built by Paarth Infrabuild Pvt. Ltd have received a lot of accolades from the buyers, investors and the community in general. Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) has come up with many affordable properties in Lucknow. There is an increasing demand for new residential projects in Lucknow and Paarth Infrabuild Pvt. is trying to meet that need.

affordable property in Lucknow

About ten years back Delhi was the only main city in Northern India which was the chosen destination for the IT and ITES companies like GE, Accenture, and IBM etc. However since Delhi and NCR is overcrowded, Lucknow has become a chosen destination for many corporate to set their shops. Hence the property prices have increases and LDA flats in Lucknow are in high demand.

These new residential projects in Lucknow have yielded good returns in the last few years and hence NRIs too are showing interest in investing in the land of Nawabs. LDA flats in Lucknow are getting constructed and sold like hot cakes.

There are studio apartments (540 Sq. Ft.), 1 BHK service suites (785 Sq. Ft.), 2 BHKs (1835 sq. Ft.), 3 types of 3 BHKs of 1860 sq. ft. (with Servant Room), 1710 sq. ft. (with Store) and 1400 sq. ft., 4 BHK (with 4 toilets and a servant room) of 2140 Sq. ft. and 4 BHK (with 4 toilets) of 1900 Sq. Ft. Hence there is a home for every budget and need. These flats in Lucknow are the chosen destination of the elegant and sophisticated citizens.

The best part about these flats is that along with the high class facilitates comes affordability. So I can live in style without living under the burden of loans. It is a rare combination. Most of the luxury flats cost a bomb and is out of the reach of the middle class families like ours. But the day I went to see the model flat with my family, I fell in love with it. I could not believe that luxury can be so affordable too.

Upcoming Residential Projects in Lucknow at Affordable Price!

Lucknow, the Golden City of India or Shiraz-I-Hind is considered to be the capital of UP. The city has been observed to attract number of the people in order to invest especially in the real estate segment as it is a city of many wonders that reflects not only its cultural charm and monumental overtures, but also its ancient aura of refined cultures. Being listed among the tier II cities it has become the next major destination for the realty sectors. As this city is famous for bringing new residential projects in Lucknow which comprises of affordable property in Lucknow. The city mixes traditional grace and contemporary elegance in an inimitable way. Today it continues as one of the important centre of commerce, finance, aerospace, education, technology, medicine and tourism. Witnessing the major development across all the sectors, Lucknow is witnessed to become the architectural heritage. Being ranked among the top ten fastest growing city, it is becoming the recommendable real estate destination.

Residential Properties

Paarth Arka, Paarth Aadyant is known among the upcoming planned affordable property in Lucknow which is having all the necessary features right at your footstep. They all are designed using the concept of providing luxurious lifestyle along with the fully air conditioned apartment. In order to provide with the excellent projects, the real estate builders are basically targeting the middle as well as the high-middle class people and based on that most of the upcoming new residential projects in Lucknow are launched.

When it comes to choosing a home, there are many factors that come into play before a final decision is taken by the prospective buyer. In addition to the developer’s credibility and architect’s excellence, what acts as a great convincing force is the bouquet of world class facilities available — the more the facilities for leisure and pastimes, the higher the attraction. At Paarth Aadyant and Paarth Arka, the entire integrated group housing project is replete with a host of world class facilities, which make life truly wonderful and refreshing every day that too at affordable prices.

Why You Should Prefer Owning a House?

Lucknow is known as the Golden City of India or Shiraz-I-Hind, which has been always known as a multicultural city and flourished as a cultural and artistic capital of North India. The reason behind buying 2 bhk flats in Lucknow is due to the fact that the city of many wonders reflects not only its cultural charm and monumental overtures, but also its ancient aura of refined cultures. The city mixes traditional grace and contemporary elegance in an inimitable way. Today it continues as an important centre of commerce, finance, aerospace, education, technology, medicine and tourism. This metro city is accessible from every part of India through air, rail and road. Today’s Lucknow is an effervescent city covering 400 sq. km. with a rapidly growing population. It is all set for further growth now, as the demand for housing and development is rising rapidly.

Owning a House

One should keep certain points in his/her mind when it comes to choosing a flat in Lucknow out of the wide variety available in the market which are as follow:

1. Location advantage and credibility of developer are as crucial as the price and aesthetics when taking the final decision.

2. Quality of construction, security and architectural finesse are important.

3. One must not overlook the availability of modern lifestyle facilities and abundance of greenery.

In addition to construction best practices and architectural superiority, several other attributes make flat in Lucknow an ideal residential enclave to have one’s dream home in. These include wide and well-lit roads, proximity to the main city, important landmarks nearby, abundance of greenery, landscaped aesthetics, ample parking space for residents and visitors, extensive parks and jogging tracks, and modern club with latest facilities for leisure and pleasure.

Today, almost all developers promise all of the above USPs, but very few actually deliver. Amongst these few Developers are companies that are duly complemented by the expertise of the renowned REPL Group.