3 Popular Décor themes to consider for your Bedrooms

12274216_898369493549547_3001211974555369595_nUsing decoration themes has turned out to be a common practice among the homeowners now-a-days. If you want to go by the popular trend and add a dream appearance to your flat in Lucknow, consider using themes. This blog discusses about 3 popular bedroom themes that would offer a mesmerizing look and feel to the 3 BHK flats in Lucknow.

Before deciding about what theme to use, you need to consider about who would be staying in the room. The theme of the bedroom will vary according to the age and taste of the occupants. The theme of a teenager bedroom would not be similar to that of an adult bedroom. Again, the theme that would life up a couple’s spirit would not be good enough to drive a kid crazy with joy.

Choose the appropriate theme for your bedroom and transform it into a relaxing retreat. Explore the following popular bedroom decor themes and have oodles of fun:

1. Beach Theme:

Beach-inspired bedroom decor will make both young adults and newly-wed couples jump for joy. Those who have a liking for the sun, sand and water will no doubt be fascinated with this type of decor. As far as beach-theme is considered, you can choose anything from serene, sober furnishings to bold and bright colours. Hawaiian motifs can be used to mingle well with palm tree, bamboo and flower motifs. A wall paper with your favourite beach motif can instil a beach feel into your sleeping space. A mix and match of exotic prints on the bedsheet, pillow covers and curtains would add the effect of the laid-back luxury of beachside life while woven accents from the ceiling to the floor would enmesh your modern bedroom with a rustic charm. You can think of accessorizing your room with sea grass, sandy neutrals and coral showpieces.

2. Floral Theme:

There is hardly any person who does not love flowers. If you have a special fascination for flower and appreciate the beauty of nature, you can consider floral theme for your bedroom. Whether you want to enjoy the feel of English countryside or wish to instil the freshness of Indian’s rustic beauty, floral bedspreads against pastel green walls would add serenity to your room. What can be a better start of the day than waking up to a wonderful orchid placed by the window?

3. Forest Theme:

A forest theme can spread out a relaxing environ across your bedroom. Think of adorning your bedroom using bedspreads, pillows and quilts with forest motifs. Use varying shades of green and blue to create the depth noticed in a forest of pine, moss and bamboo with expansive blue sky peeping through the branches. After a hectic day of work, you will find the bedroom with forest theme a true retreat and there is no doubt about it. The theme would tranquilize every spirit, all ages and genders.

As far as decorating 3 BHK flats in Lucknow are concerned, the age, taste and gender of the occupants should be considered while choosing the bedroom themes. Whether you choose a traditional theme or a flamboyant and extravagant design, it would enhance the look and feel of your private space.


How to Buy your First Commercial Property

11988262_871122486274248_1707731894119046030_nToday, making investments in the commercial real estate world is believed to be an immensely lucrative choice. Lucknow real estate projects are making good name in the present scenario and you too can buy one for your commercial property. Even if you purchase a small property, you can expect to get high returns in the day to come. In fact, this is one of the prime reasons why property investors today are looking forward to commercial properties more when compare to their residential counterparts. But then, whether you are buying a residential or commercial property, there are certain risks engaged. Moreover, the risks are even higher if you are investing on a large piece of commercial property.

What Are The Potential Risks That You May Encounter After Investing In A Commercial Real Estate Property?

• Capital risk
• Operational risk
• Inflation risk

In fact, there is no guarantee that the investment will attain the investment objectives. In case you invest the amount in a wrong location, then it will do more harm than good. Moreover, if you owe several commercial properties at the same time, then you need to consider several factors like maintenance, renting, and zoning for the investors. Apart from this, there are several factors which make the commercial sector a good place to invest in.

What are the factors that make investing in commercial property a good decision?

• Reduced rates of interest
• Improved job prospects
• Increased disposable income
• Changing customer behaviour
• Opening of FDI in retail unit

The capital value of the commercial properties has undergone a shift in the past one year. To be more specific, we can say that it has increased by 40%, because of immediate rise in the IT sector. Additionally, investment in this sector has given way to other projects such as condominiums, land for future development, trailer parks, shopping centers, and other rental properties. Finally, when you are investing in Lucknow real estate projects, you should definitely acquire a lease agreement, which will determine an income flow and will also help you retain the commercial property.

Hidden Costs You Want To Be Aware Of When Buying Residential Apartments in Lucknow

Flat in LucknowBuying a home is probably one of the biggest purchases one will make in his or her life. However, when closing a deal on a residential apartment in Lucknow, you need to know that over and above the price tag on the property there are a host of other taxes, fees and charges that you may have to take into account. Here are a few costs that you may want to account for when setting aside a budget –

• Cost of Registration and Stamp Duty
The registration is essentially the final agreement that is signed between the buyer and the selling highlighting the change of ownerships as well as the responsibilities of the buyer. To be able to get your property registered, you will have to pay a charge to the government and also pay a stamp duty. This is essentially a tax that is levied on every property transaction.
This process can be quite expensive and essentially depends on the total value of the property and may vary anywhere between 5 to 14.7% of the property cost. You also may be required to pay a registration fee to the court, fees to the notary and lawyers who process this for you.

• VAT and Service Tax
If you purchase any property that is still under construction, you will be charge a VAT and a service tax. While VAT is charged based on the construction value of the project, you will be levied a service tax of 12.36% of the 25% of the value of the property under construction.

• Preferential Location Charge
This is an additional charge that you pay to book residential apartments in Lucknow that have a better location within a specific society or complex. This charge may differ from one builder to another, but the more premium the project the higher will be the charge.

• Utility Charges
This includes various costs associated with the building you are living in. This could be anything from parking charges, electrification, maintenance, fire fighting and other such expenses associate with utilities that are offered by the local or state government.

In addition to this, you also want to account for external development charges which are essentially applied per square feet and goes into the upkeep and development of the area around your building. Also account for advanced club house charges and maintenance charges which are most commonly levied in lifestyle buildings.

How To Decide When You Are Ready To Purchase A Home

10928861_767789333274231_2306363408022220790_nBrowsing through 2 BHK flats in Lucknow is an easy thing to do. But actually making the decision of buying the home is a daunting task. Considering how for most people this transaction will be the purchase of the most expensive asset as well as the maximum debt even owned, it is not a matter you can choose to deal with in a light manner. Make sure you maintain your thrill and excitement without compromising on the responsibilities. Here are some signs to pay attention to when making this choice-

  • The Reliability of Your Source of Income

This is an extremely important factor if you are planning on taking a loan for your housing property. Nothing is worse than having a loan on your head and no job stability. Even if you have a steady source of income, never forget to factor in some buffer amount for unexpected expenses. Do not get too close to your margins or else you might find yourself in grave trouble.

* The Down Payment

The amount you need for the down payment of the house is also a factor to consider. You will need to show that you can afford the house at every step of the way. Make sure you have the sum ready for making the down payment as problems in this first instalment can reflect badly on your past.  

  • Previous Debts

This is important for first time home owners as well as recurring ones. If your debt is reflected in a non efficient manner it may seem as if you are way in above your head. Try to pay off all debts before applying for a loan or at least organise it in a manner that you show control.

* Crunching the Numbers

Although the calculations will be provided to you, the ultimate decision lies in your hands. Make sure you have a clear idea and estimate of any and every cost that can be expected to rise. From fees to legal expenses, you may have to face the need of a number of unseen expenses.

  • The Co-signers

For a lender to lend you money for a home purchase, he may demand for a co-signer along with you as well. In most cases this is not a problem. However, it is much better to delay the purchase decision than have a co-signer with you. You may be forced to involve this person in every decision you make if you don’t plan it well.

Whether you purchase a 3 BHK residential apartments in Lucknow or a smaller home, be confident about the decision you make. Pay attention to the little voices and your intuition as well, sometimes they give the best advice.

Sale of Immovable Property – The Rights and Liabilities of the Seller

10928861_767789333274231_2306363408022220790_nWhenever a contract is drawn up for a sale of immovable property in India, the seller is given certain rights and corresponding liabilities, towards the buyer. In the absence of the contrary, the fundamental rule book with regard to such rights and liabilities is the Transfer of Property Act which came into effect on 1st July in 1882.

After this act came into force, every seller who wishes to sell his immovable property, which may include land, houses or even apartments or flats in Lucknow, is bound by the express conditions laid down in the sub-sections to S 55 of the aforementioned act, which is highlighted below:

Rights of the Seller

Every seller has certain rights upon the property s/he wishes to sell. These privileges and rights can be further divided as –

  • Before Completion of Sale:The seller is entitled to all monies due from the property, accrued in the form of rents and profits before the ownership passes to the buyer.
  • After Completion of Sale:Generally, the rights of the seller are extinguished once the ownership passes on to the buyer. However, the seller is warranted a charge on the immovable property, in the hands of the buyer, or any other transferee without receiving consideration for the amount of unpaid purchase money. However, he is entitled to such charge only when the possession has passed from his hands and a part or the whole of the purchase money is yet to be paid.

Liabilities of the Seller

Along with rights, the sellers also have particular responsibilities that they need to fulfill while selling their property. These can again be distributed in the subsequent groups –

Before Completion of Sale:

Prior to completion of the sale, the seller is duty bound to perform the following six tasks, with respect to the buyer –

  • To disclose important defects in the asset to be sold or his title to it, of which the buyer is unaware, if it is of material significance and cannot be ascertained by the buyer even with reasonable care and prudence.
  • To produce for with every document relating to the title of the property that the buyer may request to see.
  • To answer all the pertinent questions relating to the property and its title, whichever the buyer may have for the seller.
  • To execute a proper conveyance deed on payment of consideration.
  • Take prudent care of all documents and the property before it passes on to the buyer.
  • To pay all fees, rents and public charges till the date of sale.

After Completion of Sale:

Even after the seller’s flat in Lucknow has been sold to the buyer, the seller is legally responsible in the following ways –

  • The seller is bound to give possession to the buyer.
  • He is duty bound to give all legal documents relating to the property and the sale, once the consideration has been received in full.
  • He is deemed to have contracted with the buyer that his personal interest in the property subsists to the buyer, and he no longer has any right to the property. Thus, the seller’s covenant to title of the property is extinguished upon sale.

Thus, we see the important rights and liabilities bestowed upon the sellers who wish to sell their immovable property in India.

All You Need To Know About The Title Deed

Flat in Lucknow

A title deed is a written proof of the title and legal ownership and rights that a person has over the land or property mentioned in the document. It emphasises and establishes a legal bond of the property owner with his/her property.

What are Title Deeds?

Paper documents that evidence the true ownership of land or an immovable property are known as title deeds. Title means the right that the owner has over the property. They usually show the chain of ownership over land and property, which may include conveyances, wills, mortgages, contracts for sale and also leases.

Essentials in the Title Deed

The following particulars need to be present in a valid title deed –

  • It must state on its face that it is a Deed.
  • The document must indicate that it conveys some privilege or thing to the buyer.
  • The seller must be legally competent to transfer the property.
  • Attestation by witnesses is necessary.

For a legally binding title deed, the above factors should exist.

How to Obtain a Title Deed in India?

It is essential to obtain a title deed, even though the process may seem to be lengthy and costly. The procedure for obtaining a title deed in India is thus –

  • The buyer has to submit an application to the Urban Development Authority, along with a photocopy of the sale deed.
  • An Encumbrance certificate may also be an integral part of the application.
  • The lease or sale document of the original owner needs to the obtained.
  • The transfer certificate is also a key ingredient of the application process, and is usually provided after proper inspection of the property.
  • Stamp duty needs to be paid by the purchaser.

After the above procedure is complete and the concerned authority is satisfied with the credentials, a title deed is issued in the buyer’s name. This deed is then registered at the Sub-registrar’s office.

Why Are Title Deeds Necessary?

Let’s take an illustration to demonstrate the importance of Title Deeds in India. Suppose Mr. Natwar, from Mumbai, wishes to relocate to Lucknow, in Uttar Pradesh. In order to make the move, he has purchased a flat in Uttar Pradesh and is waiting on the possession. Even after paying the adequate amount on time, the possession of the property has not been passed on to Mr. Natwar. After countless remainders, calls and notices to the seller, the property still isn’t passed on to Mr. Natwar, the true owner; as he paid the amount due. If Mr. Natwar wishes to take the seller to court for specific performance of contract (in this case, handing over the possession of the property), he will not succeed without a title deed.

The sale of the flat in Uttar Pradesh that Mr. Natwar bought is thus incomplete without transferring the title (ownership) from the seller, to him, which is possible through a title deed. It is integral to have the title deed to be verified by legal experts, to ensure that there is no discrepancy or problem with the same.

Title deeds are the ultimate evidence to prove a legal right to property. The process of buying and selling land and immovable property would be chaotic, troublesome and confusing without the presence of title deeds. Also, lack of this legal document may lead to countless dupes and frauds, which victimise the innocent.