Grab 3 BHK flats in Lucknow – Add Essence to your Lifestyle

Shelter, food and clothes are the three necessities that any individual needs. But that does not mean that one cannot up his/her standard of living even if they can just because it is the basic requirement. Everyone deserves to live a happy and content life but the idea of that is not the same for each of them and that is what makes the matter all the more interesting. The basic needs can be the same but the wants are different. They vary from person to person. Though it is not possible to satisfy everyone as the desires might clash but still there is no harm in trying.
This is why various steps are taken to enhance the living condition of the people- construction of the residential flats is one such way. Though this might sound costly but luxury sometimes can be achieved within the budget as well and when such is the case then the fun also doubles. So, if you really want a peaceful abode and that too at a healthy rate, then you should start searching. The more the options, the more are the variations and the more the chance of getting hold of what you want.

Flat stories

Flats or apartments are of different types and styles, they have been made keeping in mind the different type of people that reside in the society. Depending on the requirements of a family, a particular flat is chosen. You can go for 3bhk or 2bhk or 4bhk flats as per your requisite and can happily set up your home there.
Lucknow is an old city but it has received the new shades and is rapidly grooming itself. Numerous apartments and housing complexes are being constructed to accommodate more and more people. And so, if 3 BHK flats in Lucknow is the point of your concern, then you can easily get your want satisfied.
• Designer building: You all have heard of designer clothes, similarly, the new complexes are designed smartly and aesthetically combining elegance and opulence that catch the fancy of the customers.
But while looking at the artificiality, the thought for nature isn’t neglected. The buildings are surrounded by ample amount of greenery that soothes the eyes. The landscape actually mesmerises both its residents and the visitors.

• Interior designing: Not only the exterior but also the interior has been designed with equal discretion. Presence of recreation room, gym, playground, swimming pool, auditorium etc. not only ups the glam quotient but also serves some necessary purposes.
Moreover, now these buildings are constructed with close proximity to hospital, school, market, transportation, highway etc. so as to act quickly during any emergency.

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Interior Decorations

It is not only enough to be externally aware of your house. Instead, you should always pay attention to minute details and specifications within to be alert of any impending problems.
• The exterior should be well finished with weather resistant paints, so that you don’t need to spend on their maintenance work every year.
• The walls, floors, ceilings etc. should all be properly fitted and strong. The styling should be as per the choice of residents and may vary from room to room.
• The kitchen and the bathrooms should be furnished carefully with anti-skid tiles to prevent frequent slips.
• Water supply and electricity should be timely and proper.
• The tiles and others elements used should be branded and of good quality, to make it durable. And the basic furnishings should be done.

Finding a 3 BHK flats in Lucknow is an easy job but one should always remember to make sure that the flat bought is not devoid of all these necessary things.
Have a happy settlement!


Own the Best Residential Apartments Houses in Lucknow – Pave Way to a Luxurious Life

One of the common dreams every individual lives today is building the dream home for themselves. We at Paarthinfra help you relieve the dream in reality.  Find out some of the best 1BHK, 2 BHK or 3 BHK with us. Partha Infra is popular in the construction business for a long period with projects in Delhi and other metro cities too. Owning a flat of your own is a big deal and a property worth spending is something, which we all look forward to. PaarthInfra offers some of the best luxurious homes in town. They offer a home with comforts of the world and the best technology available. Mr. Pradeep Mishra is driving the whole team of Paarthinfra and trying to encompass some of the best solutions together, just to ensure you the utmost comfort.

Live like a Nawab in the city of Nawabs – Lucknow

Lucknow the Nawab city is very popular for its historic monuments and the rich culture. Now a day the hottest topic is the upcoming housing projects. The new lifestyle the famous colleges everything is bring a lot of good scope for this place.  The last few years have seen a lot of changes, which includes a lot of new projects in different areas of the town. Some of the projects in the upcoming days are Paarth Arka, Adyantya & Nu. These projects are not only offers some beautiful views of the city but also adds up world class technological solutions for it clients.

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The projects are designed with utmost care and give priority to all your needs. The team of Parthinfra have specialized people from different backgrounds, which includes engineers, marketing, architects, designers etc. All these professionals work together to make Lucknow a better place to live in. Their projects, all engrossed with plush amenities, elegant designs and marvellous architecture are a welcome example of quality living. It is but likely that you also get inspired by the apartments this real estate magnate offers at such incredible cost.

The Team of Experts

Mr P. N. Misra has years of extensive experience and is willing to serve the cause of housing, infrastructure and related policy formation and development of National Level Infrastructure. Over 40 years of experience he is on consult with all the strategic and business decisions for the projects presently handled by Paarthinfra. Moving over, Mr. Pradeep Misra is presently holding the position of consultant director and is said to have expertise in development of Integrated Townships, Commercial Complexes, Hospitality & Healthcare, Hi-tech Cities and Smart Cities.

Special features of Paarthinfra:-

The projects are built on acres of land with all facilities of gym, medical, clubs etc. in a single platter. It provides round the clock power backup with proper ventilation and lighting.

  • Modern Lifestyle: The homes provide some of the best and modern technology under a single platform.
  • Contemporary Designs and Highly functional layouts: It helps you to live your life with grandeur and the comfort
  • Convenient lifestyle with perfect locations: Locations for Paarthinfra projects are the best one in town surrounding the green belt of nature around it.

Technical Specifications:-

  • Bathroom Fittings (Jaguar or equivalent ) with Towel Rack, Hair Dyer
  • Hot Water from Solar Panel / Gyser
  • Well-furnished home with wooden flooring and anti-skid tiles.
  • Plaster with POP punning and painted with pleasing shades of OBD

Studio apartments to luxurious villas, residential property in Lucknow Shaheed path offers it all

One of the upcoming businesses in Lucknow is Real Estate. Everyday hundreds of people are dealing with buying, selling and renting properties. There was a time that involved generations of family but now lifestyles have changed. Due to high demand of properties over the last decade every individual is looking to invest in the new sector. Lucknow seems to be one of the emerging cities in terms of property investment.

The increasing demands are for a wide variety of reasons. One of the integral reasons being the prestigious colleges of this city. The Institutes of this city produces global intellects every year.   Some of the best flats, villas are available at Sitapur national highway, Faizabad road, Shaheed Path, Kursi Road. These properties are residential cum commercial setups by various builders

The rising clutch of residential projects

This high elevation in real estate can be witnessed on a broad level in the city and many reputed organizations already entered the city with projects worth crores. One of the major projects recently launched in the city is the real estate projects by Parth Infrabuild Pvt ltd. From a humble beginning, Paarth Infra has now turned itself into a leading building and constructions company of northern Indian region. It has made significant contributions in creating excellent residential spaces, encouraging better living and providing value for money deals to its clients.

Arka 3- BHK Lucknow Saheed Path

The real estate innovative projects offer 1BHk/2BHK/3BHK at very convenient prices. The designs are conceptualized by Hafeez contractors with breath-taking reactions from prospective buyers. The studio apartments are the finest ones offering functional and aesthetic space planning with a ready designer look. It offers a diverse variety of suits to accommodate people from various parts of the world. Property in Lucknow Shaheed Path gives you a glimpse of such quality apartments at quite affordable rates. However, you could also choose other locations for the same, the choice is always yours.

Lucknow the next choice for property investors

The commercial infrastructure brings a lot of revenue to this project. Hazratganj and other commercial hubs are the substantial revenue generators for this city. Tourists find this place quite amusing leading to a huge rush to visit its historical monuments, etc. Besides, Nishatganj, Mahanagar area that are some of the other worth visiting places. There are attractions like architectural monuments like Asafi Imambara, Chota Imambara, British Residency ; Shah Najaf etc attracts a large amount of visitors from all over the world.

Know your aura better

The 3 Bhk flats are the most preferred ones which are from 1400 sqft to 1800 sqft. The flats do offer a very beautiful aerial view. The technical specification does catch your breath. Earthquake resistant, weather proof, superior quality tiles laminated wooden use makes it even better for any customer who is willing to invest. Other facilities include swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Gymnasium, children’s play area, central park, restaurants etc to offer for its residents.

Developers are planning to make numerous townships in upcoming years due to which the future of real estate seems to be on high growth in future. Development of world class residential and commercial townships will surely add a boost to the already major boom. Amid such growing phase, investing your money in an appropriate apartment would be a feasible decision. Even if you won’t reside in these apartments, they are still a good value for money as you could sell them at lucrative rates.

Live your dream with the luxurious flats of Paarth Infra projects. You can find the best rates for 1BHk/2BHK/3BHK Flats in the lush green areas of the Nawab City.

The multifarious Benefits of Residential apartments in Lucknow

Lucknow City

Lucknow City

Lucknow is one of the popular cities in India, which is widely considered for its cuisine, culture, and people. Lucknow is also known as the “city of nawabs” and is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, the most populated state in the country. Investing in a residential apartment in the city is a wise option, as the property rates are roaring on a regular basis for more than a decade now. The city attracts millions of tourists from all over the world and the scope of expansion is very much visible. The city carries a regular Indian humid climate, where the city gives out a hot summer season between April and June and cool winter between December and February.

Here are some of the important aspects and priorities while choosing a residential apartment in the city of Lucknow.

The Amenities

Amenities may not be important for most of the people, but it is very much beneficial from time to time. A swimming pool could save people from spending a hot summer in the house. This helps people to look out for a residential apartment with swimming pool as much as possible. It is obvious that the cost would be little high compared to an apartment with no amenities, but an extra amenity at a nominal cost is absolutely worth investing for a long time.

You may not require one or more of the amenities offered in a residential apartment, hence you can save money while investing in a flat that provide amenities as per your preferences only. Hence, some of the common amenities you are most likely to avail in the apartments here include Escalator, Gym, Swimming pool, Children play area, function hall, power backup and so on.

The Price

Cost is an inevitable consideration before you finalize a particular residential apartment. It defines the apartment and its amenities from time to time in any city. It is wise to research well about the locality, future, convenience, safety, amenities and builder before deciding the price. Quite likely, you might get a decent residential apartment outside the city at comparably lower expenses.

The Neighbourhood

Lucknow is a friendly and a traditional city. An outsider would not prefer to buy a residential apartment in the middle of nowhere, as it is difficult to communicate and adjust with local people. Though Hindi is the official language of the state, the accent and the way of communication differs from the other parts of the country. It is important to know more about the locality by consulting some of the local people in the neighborhood since few localities are busy all the time and this results in heavy noise levels. In order to stay peaceful, buying a residential apartment in a calm neighborhood helps people to enjoy their property and lifestyle.

Resale value

Residential apartments often lack resale value unless they are located in a posh area in the city of Lucknow. Resale value for a residential apartment is generally less as compared to an independent house, since people will have an opportunity to demolish and build a new house.

Hence, as most of the people would be buying a residential apartment once in their lifetime, it is very much essential to consider every aspect before deciding on the apartment. Once you take care of all these points, your chances of getting a budget friendly residential apartment that includes all the amenities that you rared for.


Paarth Infrabuild Projects

Hurrying up in buying a residential apartment in the city of Lucknow can cost dearly. If at times, you don’t spend enough time in researching well about the various aspects of property buying, you could end up closing a wrong deal. Hence be attentive, you don’t buy flats every day.

Residential apartment in Lucknow – Ensuring the Much coveted Peace and Tranquility

Finding a hone of your own is a quite a cumbersome task today, taking into consideration the current inflation and economic conditions. However, a number of prominent real estate developers are making it possible for people of all walks of life to own a home. Real estate development is stretching its legs in almost all cities of the country with a very fast speed. It is also contributing to better the poor economic conditions of India.


Paarth Infrabuild Projects


One of the most sought after cities for real estate development is Lucknow. The city encompasses huge scope in terms of real-estate construction and development. Whether commercial or residential, you can find numerous projects running here under developers. Though, the reliable developers are focusing on construction of residential projects because, a large number of people dream of having a residential apartment in Lucknow.  This compels the developers to construct budget friendly and fully fledged apartments. In this context, you may well rely upon some experienced and skilled developers.

Things to remember before buying a residential apartment

Here are some effectual things that you must consider thoroughly before deciding to buy a home of your dreams:

  1. Aesthetics of apartment: It one of the foremost factors that smart buyers considers. The visuals and overall look of the apartment must be friendly enough for you to settle down easily. This is the prime aim of top develop to build apartments with friendly and sophisticated ambience.
  2. Pricing and location: It is necessary to check the prices and whether the specific apartment
    worth the price or not. Also, location is also important. You must check them nearby areas that all the essential places that a normal person visits are in close proximity or not.  Hospitals, schools, shopping centers etc. must lie in the nearby areas.
  3. Construction quality and developer’s credibility: The quality of construction is a crucial factor to screen. It ensures to keep you safe from leaking roofs, material shedding from the walls or weak sanitary ware. Leading developers focus on using best quality of construction material. Moreover, branded tiles, flooring, kitchen slabs etc., is their top priority.
  4. Eco-friendliness: These days, problem of pollution is very common and people search to escape from the noises of the city. Therefore, check the abundance of greenery and tree plantation at the locality you are buying apartment in. It provides fresh air and water for a healthy lifestyle. See if there are enough measures for water harvesting or not.
  5. Amenities and facilities: A good apartment must comprise all the basic amenities and proper services. Basic amenities like parking lots, jogging tracks, water drainage system and lot more indicates well integrated construction. Plumbers, electricians etc. are just only a call away in prominent real estate developments.

Steadfast developers and world class construction projects

Foremost developers in Lucknow are putting their best foot forward in making your dream of buying a residential apartment in Lucknow come alive. Their clients and associate trust them for the excellent quality and credibility they offer. Besides, they always keep their promise of transparency, consistency, and honesty in whatever projects they undertake. The residential apartments in their projects possess modern and latest facilities giving you an ultimate option to buy home. Their projects are in ideal and perfect location from where everything is available at few steps away. Hence, approaching them to buy a home will make way for peace and tranquility for you and your family.

Are you looking for a residential apartment in Lucknow, which comprises all the facilities alongside being suitable to your budget? If so, then you should only approach prominent developers since they are more likely to offer budgeted and well integrated housing solutions as per your preference.

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient By Proper Renovation

In these uncertain economic times, homeowners should use their sense to make their home energy efficient while renovating their homes. Keeping this fact in mind, modern builders who make residential apartments houses in Lucknow use all sorts of techniques renovate old homes with more energy efficient. Hard times can certainly call for projects that will not only make your home look good, but make it function more efficiently as well.


If you believe increasing the efficiency of your home is important, there are a number of steps you can do to make positive changes. You can take small steps that will make a big difference over time, or major ones that may initially cost more but offer significant changes once you install them. The best place to start is on your home’s siding, windows, and roofs. If any or all of these cost you an arm and a leg in utility bills, it is a good idea to replace them immediately.

Before you start any home renovation, make sure your entire family knows your plans. Have everyone on board and welcome their suggestions, too. Once everyone is in and has given the seal of approval start your energy efficiency projects.

  • Siding: If you have your siding in such a poor state, upgrading it can be one of the best investments you can make despite a limited budget. Siding functions as a shield for the material it covers, so the better quality siding you have, the longer these materials will last. The proper siding also keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It can also improve your home’s curb appeal.
  • Windows: A weather-tight home is one of the best ways to improve energy efficiency. You can have the most efficient heating methods in the market, but if all the heat escapes through drafty windows, all your efforts will be for naught. It is important you get suggestions from a Lansing windows dealer or contractor on the best windows for your home.
  • Roofing: Your roof is your first protection against the elements. If you observe any problems in your roof like ceiling spots, damaged flashing, or missing shingles, contact a roofing Lansing contractor for repair or replacement. Summer is the best time to do this.
  • Usage of awnings: Awnings improves energy efficiency. Awnings act as the sun screen to your home. Install them in a right place where the sun rays hits directly. This will surely reduce your energy bills in a drastic manner. Energy efficient awnings can be made of canvas, woven mesh, aluminum or acrylic enabling you to fully customize your home.

These simple changes can go a long way to make your home more energy-efficient. Now that you know what home parts need changes, find a right builder who involves in building residential apartments houses in Lucknow, who can do the job for you. Call and hire the right professional to learn more about roofing, awnings, and gutter guards and how you can seamlessly integrate them into your home.

When you’re looking for ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency, cut the cost of maintenance, and make a tidy, lovely home, do not hesitate to hire a right professional for your roofing, solar, and gutter products that will help you complete the home renovations you need.