Make Your Home More Energy Efficient By Proper Renovation

In these uncertain economic times, homeowners should use their sense to make their home energy efficient while renovating their homes. Keeping this fact in mind, modern builders who make residential apartments houses in Lucknow use all sorts of techniques renovate old homes with more energy efficient. Hard times can certainly call for projects that will not only make your home look good, but make it function more efficiently as well.


If you believe increasing the efficiency of your home is important, there are a number of steps you can do to make positive changes. You can take small steps that will make a big difference over time, or major ones that may initially cost more but offer significant changes once you install them. The best place to start is on your home’s siding, windows, and roofs. If any or all of these cost you an arm and a leg in utility bills, it is a good idea to replace them immediately.

Before you start any home renovation, make sure your entire family knows your plans. Have everyone on board and welcome their suggestions, too. Once everyone is in and has given the seal of approval start your energy efficiency projects.

  • Siding: If you have your siding in such a poor state, upgrading it can be one of the best investments you can make despite a limited budget. Siding functions as a shield for the material it covers, so the better quality siding you have, the longer these materials will last. The proper siding also keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It can also improve your home’s curb appeal.
  • Windows: A weather-tight home is one of the best ways to improve energy efficiency. You can have the most efficient heating methods in the market, but if all the heat escapes through drafty windows, all your efforts will be for naught. It is important you get suggestions from a Lansing windows dealer or contractor on the best windows for your home.
  • Roofing: Your roof is your first protection against the elements. If you observe any problems in your roof like ceiling spots, damaged flashing, or missing shingles, contact a roofing Lansing contractor for repair or replacement. Summer is the best time to do this.
  • Usage of awnings: Awnings improves energy efficiency. Awnings act as the sun screen to your home. Install them in a right place where the sun rays hits directly. This will surely reduce your energy bills in a drastic manner. Energy efficient awnings can be made of canvas, woven mesh, aluminum or acrylic enabling you to fully customize your home.

These simple changes can go a long way to make your home more energy-efficient. Now that you know what home parts need changes, find a right builder who involves in building residential apartments houses in Lucknow, who can do the job for you. Call and hire the right professional to learn more about roofing, awnings, and gutter guards and how you can seamlessly integrate them into your home.

When you’re looking for ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency, cut the cost of maintenance, and make a tidy, lovely home, do not hesitate to hire a right professional for your roofing, solar, and gutter products that will help you complete the home renovations you need.


10 Tips To Help Your Child In Buying New Home

Your child is all grown up and they need to start their life independently, your child may be too busy with their professional schedule and it’s you who need to guide. Your child might not be well aware of investing in real estate properties and dealing with the same, so help your child find out their ideal residential properties in Lucknow, where both of you can stay in touch, and keeping in mind about their safety and security. Here are the tips to help your child buy their first home:

Tips to Help Your Child Buy Their First Home

Tips to Help your Child in Buying a New Home

Tips to Help Your Child Buy their First Home:

  1. Income: Understand the income of your child and how much he can spare each month to repay the loans. If your child is married and the couple has a steady income and also sharing expense, automatically you can search for luxurious residence too.
  2. Budget: Before house hunting helps your child to fix a budget, many times it is seen that people end up buying an expensive home and running a monthly financial crunch. A fixed budget will help you to streamline the needs of the house within the budget.
  3. Agents/ Self: Real estate agents are expensive in order to curtail the added expense that you can search homes online and visit the site which appeals you the most. In this way, you can shortlist and compare the properties. Anyways the agents are a reliable source and can show many properties not listed online.
  4. Loans: Loan approval are one of the major factors, every bank has a disparity in their schemes and repay option. At least approach more than five banks and compare their interest rates and schemes also understand your child’s credit score.
  5. Paper works: When you are about to finalize the house, check every no objection certification and the mandatory government approval certificates issued for construction. Also, run a cross check on the builder for learning about their previous works or any other issues.
  6. Locality: While selecting the house for your child always inquire about the locality and its neighborhood. It is always better to select houses in close proximity to public transport, hospital, schools, supermarket, office etc.
  7. Housing amenities: Now a day most of the modern residential houses/ complex offer in-house club facility like swimming pool, gym, badminton/ tennis courts etc. so do check out the residential amenities and activity area along with their charges.
  8. Security: Though most of the modern housing features a digital security system monitoring all over the building and many with the entry point surveillance camera. Check out the internal and external security of the building.
  9. Maintenance fees: Nowadays the luxury amenities featured by the building or complex have separate membership and monthly charges, although the membership charges can be wooed if negotiated with the builder, do compare with other shortlisted options
  10. Inspection: The builder may not use high-quality material for the flooring, ceiling, room doors, especially the bathroom fitting. Before finalizing the deal get a thorough inspection done by a professional, as you may not be able to renovate easily.

It’s a tough emotional turmoil you have to go through when it comes to separating with your child, but not to forget every adult needs their personal space and as parents, you have to respect that too. As a fact, you can even shift your residence to the same building or complex, as the real estate is booming and could be beneficial to invest and also stay close to your near and dear ones while giving them full privacy.

Owning the first house/ apartments is always an overwhelming feel, and one of the assets to keep. Therefore, it is advised to keep every approach under consideration so that you can choose the best 2 & 3 BHK flats/apartment in Lucknow for you and your family.

Top Tips for Buying Flats in Lucknow

Settling down in Lucknow has become easy due to the range of accommodation options it offers.  You get as many options in affordable category as in luxury and the choices in 1BHK to 3BHK flats are also equally enticing. As far as prices are concerned, there is something for everyone to choose from without hesitation. Recently, the city has witnessed major infrastructure projects around Gomti Nagar extension and Shaheed Path. Well-connected to major points in the vicinity, these locations are most sought after for mimicking the authentic royal charm of Lucknow, away from the daily din and crowd.


Facilities to look out for in the flats

It’s up to you whether you look for flats here or somewhere else in the city. No matter where you go, just make sure that you scan through properties of a reputable real estate company only as they provide unified urban comforts, space, beautiful surroundings, plenty of facilities and lot more. Here is a glimpse of some of the modern amenities that their properties are usually built with:

  • Internet/WI-FI Connectivity
  • Air Conditioners
  • 24 Hour Water Supply
  • Power Backup
  • Intercom Connection
  • Modular Kitchen
  • Jogging Track
  • Security
  • Landscaped Park
  • Gym
  • Parking

From this it is known that identifying flats in Lucknow for a family is not a headache. Right from locations to amenities to comforts, the properties have everything to make your daily life easy, fun and lavish. However, since the decision of buying a flat involves an investment of the lifetime, it is better you go about your choices in an informed manner. To help you with this, a few basic buying tips are being shared below.

How to shortlist a flat in Lucknow?

Location: Since it is going to be your long-term commitment, zero in on the areas where you would prefer to stay for life. Along with this, you also need to check the details of other buyers, modern amenities, neighborhood, and future real estate projects coming up in the vicinity. All this will enable you to determine your choice well.

Constructions: There are three stages of buying a new property. These include just launched, half-way through construction and ready for possession. Ready for possession stage is most suitable for you if you are living in a rented space. It will check the outflow of rent money, making your EMI payments slightly easy.

Builder profile: Checking builder or developer’s reputation in the market is another critical aspect in this whole exercise of buying a flat. You must find out reviews on the type of quality of service delivered by them and the status of their construction projects. Whether they are licensed or not, needs to be investigated too.

Property papers: Don’t become complacent even if you have checked everything and you are satisfied with the choice of your flat. To make sure your purchase is safe, you need to examine a few important documents – license approval of the builder, marketable title of the property, building plan, conveyance deed, land registration status, occupancy certificate, tax dues, sanction plan, and others.

There are many other factors also that deserve to be evaluated beforehand. But when we are in a hurry, we tend to miss out on these fundamental points. So, if the time has come for you to buy your dream home in the city of Nawabs, then keep these components in mind. These will help you to secure your beautiful abode hassle-free. And as mentioned earlier, you don’t need to worry about your budget. Even the luxury range is designed to meet budget-driven purchases so that buyers are left with a bright smile on their face.


Read this article for insights on how to find flats in Lucknow for you and your family.

Top Ten Rules While Choosing a Home Builder in Lucknow

For building a dream home a buyer has to hire a perfect and professional builder. Besides the home owners, home builders also play their part in making a house into a perfect home for the occupants. Only a professional real estate company in Lucknow can able to accommodate the vision of the homeowner in creating a lovely home in this wonderful Lucknow city.

Paarth infra Build Pvt. Ltd.- Best Builder in Lucknow

Sources: Paarth infra Build Pvt. Ltd.

Hiring the right home builder for a dream home is really important for the home buyers. Included below are top ten valid guidelines on how to identify and hire a right builder for the job.

These tips are not even valuable in selecting the experts at Lucknow, but also in other cities in India and even abroad.

  1. Finding a good builder: A prospective buyer or homeowner can always check local publications, yellow pages, the Internet for reputed builders who always advertise their professional services. Such experts are easily contactable right in the first attempt, if not they respond the caller in a short time which indicated their professional approach.
  2. Call and define the needs: After locating the right builder, a new homeowner has to call the builder or representative in order to define the needs such as style, price range, and other relevant factors in order to find a perfect fit to the dreams of the homeowners.
  3. Touring model homes: A buyer can always take the option of touring the model homes done by the proposed home builder in order to evaluate the quality of the work done by the builder. One can also take along an expert who is exposed to the intricacies of quality construction.
  4. Using the referrals: A homeowner can also select the builders who are referred by friends and relatives who have had their homes built. Also, one can demand the builder some testimonials from his clients. Testimonials shared in the websites of the builders can also be cross verified.
  5. Experience in the industry: A homeowner needs to check the experience of the proposed builder in the real estate industry. Experience always counts while making the decision process of selecting a right and professional home builder. Hiring a cowboy builder not only causes stress but also can bring untold damages to the property as well.
  6. Shop around few builders: Homeowners should not settle with a first-time meeting with a good builder. Keep it mind what is good for one client may not be good for the other. Hence. One has to take a little bit of time to shop around few home builders in order to make a comparison with the shortlisted ones.
  7. Good builders bring value addition: Being a new home owner one should be aware of the fact that a good home builder always brings value addition to the new home. Also, such builders by their quality jobs make the resale value to the highest point when a resale is considered.
  8. Good builders offer warranty service: One should always look for the builders who offer warranty for their professional work. Reputed firms even give such warranties in writings for some specific period from the completion date. This feature offers the buyers a great peace of mind that cannot be valued in terms of money.
  9. Look only for accredited builders: This is yet another key factor one has to look before finalizing a home builder. The credentials of the builders need to be checked and it is always suggested to hire a builder who has been a member of the reputed builder’s forums.
  10. Professionally managed builders: Last but not the least it is always suggested to hire a professionally managed building company, which hires the right professionals for doing the right jobs. Such firms always offer the best customer support to every client they serve.

Home builders can make or break the dreams of the homeowners. One should know the fact that no amount of expensive fixtures and finishing touches will offset the shabby work and hence a prospective new homeowner has to pay more attention in selecting a right home builder, who alone can make a perfect transformation of a house into a real home.

Summary: With the aforementioned top ten tips a buyer can able to identify a good home builder who forms a good fit to the needs of the first time home buyers at Lucknow.

How to Choose the Right Builder in Lucknow

Best Real Estate Builder in Lucknow

Best Real Estate Builder in Lucknow

Building work is essential, has safety and legal aspects, and is time-consuming and costly if amateurs make mistakes. So it is vital to find a good builder, experienced in the work you require and offering clear competitive rates so you can select the best. But where do you start? Follow these tips and then select the top builders in Lucknow with the most prestigious award schemes.

Define your needs

While some builders construct a broad range of homes, many builders also specialize in a specific type of home, price range, or style. For example, not many firms build starter homes for first-time buyers and also multi-million dollar homes for affluent custom home buyers. The building materials, trade contractors and even the building process itself can differ greatly by type and price of home. Look for a fit here.

Experience counts

Every home building firm (including the most experienced and well-regarded companies today) once built their first home. And many new home building firms were started by experienced veterans of other builders. Don’t overly discount a new firm – especially if their team includes seasoned pros – but do look for strong experience overall and in the type of home you seek.

Reviews from past home buyers

Many builders offer customer references and referrals. If not, ask. And in either case, follow up. A few great questions to ask: Would you buy another home from this builder? Or recommend them to close friends or family? And don’t forget to ask for the key reasons why a past home buyer would or would not recommend a builder.

Is there a design fit?

A builder whose entire portfolio consists of contemporary homes may not be the best fit for that highly traditional home you seek – and vice-versa. While many builders have expertise in a variety of design styles and architectural details, in general, look for a builder whose work includes at least some examples of the style of home you want.

Resale Value

Good reputations follow good builders, among homeowners and Realtors. Look for builders whose homes tend to hold or maintain their value. Granted, the last few years saw some declines in home value, for one of the first times in history due to the market. So this is not an exact science, but where you see a builder’s homes maintain or increase in value, that’s a good sign. Also look for Realtor ads that specifically mention the name of a builder for a home for sale that’s now five or seven years old. That Realtor clearly sees the builder’s brand name as a big plus.

Tour model homes and/or homes this builder built for past buyers

Once you’ve narrowed down a list of prospective builders using the criteria above, this is the most important step. Nothing substitutes for touring a home built by a builder on your short list. It can be a furnished and decorated model home that’s open to the public. Or, it can be a home the builder constructed for a past buyer that you visit by appointment. In either case, pay careful attention to the look, feel and quality of the home.

Look for signs of quality

Look for signs of quality construction and attention to detail when you visit the homes above. Also consider the building products that a builder uses. Are they brands with well-earned reputations for quality? What about the homes under construction you passed on the way to the completed model home? Were there signs of care and attention there, as well?
Last, look for the quality of people who work for the builder: Did the builder’s employees show sincere interest in you and your needs? Did they listen carefully? Did they provide good answers to your questions? Were they courteous, prompt and professional in your interactions with them in the model home, sales center or builder’s office?

With the above mentioned steps, you’ll be well on your way to selecting a good builder who’s a good fit for you, your needs, and the new home you’ll build together.

Finding the right and just builder is difficult but not impossible. All one needs to do is figure out certain check points and decide on those.

Things to Consider Before Buying a 2 BHK Flat in Lucknow

Lucknow is one of the fastest growing cities in India. It is the third largest city in north, east and central India after Delhi and Kolkata and the second largest city in north and central India after New Delhi. It is also the largest city in Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow has always been known as a multicultural city that flourished as a North Indian cultural and artistic hub and the seat of power of Nawabs in the 18th and 19th centuries. It continues to be an important center of governance, administration, education, commerce, aerospace, finance, pharmaceuticals, technology, design, culture, tourism, music and poetry.

Paarth Arka

Paarth Arka Project in Lucknow

Property in Lucknow

Demand for 2 BHK flats in Lucknow has been increasing in the past few years due to the easy availability of all the facilities. This population rise has given a boost to real estate market in Lucknow to a great extent. People prefer to buy residential properties in Lucknow as along with facilities this town also offers great residential areas where a family can live satisfactorily with peach of mind.
Thus, if you are interested in buying 2 BHK flats in Lucknow, before starting your hunt and begin visiting various flats in Lucknow, you need to have good understanding of the property you are looking for. To help you in buying right residential property here are certain points that you need to keep in mind.

Choosing Location

For a residential property, location is the first factor that need to be considered. While visiting any 2BHK flat near Lucknow, always analyze the location whether it has proper and easy connectivity with Lucknow, railway station, hospitals and more. Also make sure to consider the suitability of location as per the means of travel you have. Also, location should be scrutinized from security point of view. Gated communities are the best in such cases.

Additional Costs

While searching for a flat, always plan your budget keeping in mind the additional costs along with the quoted rate. You will be aware of the additional costs for parking, registration, stamp duty and floor rise. In addition to these, value added tax liability and service tax are also eligible charges, paying which you must be prepared for.

Under Construction Property

If you are planning to buy a flat that is under construction, then always research on builder’s track record thoroughly. It must be ensured whether the respective property builder is qualified enough to accomplish quality work within the appropriate time frame. In case the builder is not able to provide possession in time, you can take legal actions against him.

Research the Market

Before you get ready to purchase a dream home for your family in Lucknow, you need to be well aware of usual market rates, per square meter rates and more. Sometimes lack of market information also leads to losses and once you have purchased property, there is no easy method to get out of this loss.


You must be prepared enough to negotiate with your dealer. And you can only negotiate well, if you have proper information of market. Don’t be reluctant of negotiating the property rates as your negotiation can let you have your home at amazing rate.
Keep all these factors in mind and then start your hunt for your dream home. If you are looking for flats in Lucknow, consider hiring a real estate company. Such companies have the best team of professional builders, designers and architects dedicated to build high standard and secure residential communities, apartments, social infrastructure and more across Lucknow. One can visit their websites so as to explore past as well as current projects undertaken by them.

Paarth Arka - 2 BHK Flats in Lucknow

Paarth Arka – 2 BHK Flats in Lucknow


Buying a property in Lucknow is a huge investment and one must be extremely careful while buying one. Therefore, following tips can be used as a reference list for doings tasks before buying a flat in 3bhk.