Top Tips for Buying Flats in Lucknow

Settling down in Lucknow has become easy due to the range of accommodation options it offers.  You get as many options in affordable category as in luxury and the choices in 1BHK to 3BHK flats are also equally enticing. As far as prices are concerned, there is something for everyone to choose from without hesitation. Recently, the city has witnessed major infrastructure projects around Gomti Nagar extension and Shaheed Path. Well-connected to major points in the vicinity, these locations are most sought after for mimicking the authentic royal charm of Lucknow, away from the daily din and crowd.


Facilities to look out for in the flats

It’s up to you whether you look for flats here or somewhere else in the city. No matter where you go, just make sure that you scan through properties of a reputable real estate company only as they provide unified urban comforts, space, beautiful surroundings, plenty of facilities and lot more. Here is a glimpse of some of the modern amenities that their properties are usually built with:

  • Internet/WI-FI Connectivity
  • Air Conditioners
  • 24 Hour Water Supply
  • Power Backup
  • Intercom Connection
  • Modular Kitchen
  • Jogging Track
  • Security
  • Landscaped Park
  • Gym
  • Parking

From this it is known that identifying flats in Lucknow for a family is not a headache. Right from locations to amenities to comforts, the properties have everything to make your daily life easy, fun and lavish. However, since the decision of buying a flat involves an investment of the lifetime, it is better you go about your choices in an informed manner. To help you with this, a few basic buying tips are being shared below.

How to shortlist a flat in Lucknow?

Location: Since it is going to be your long-term commitment, zero in on the areas where you would prefer to stay for life. Along with this, you also need to check the details of other buyers, modern amenities, neighborhood, and future real estate projects coming up in the vicinity. All this will enable you to determine your choice well.

Constructions: There are three stages of buying a new property. These include just launched, half-way through construction and ready for possession. Ready for possession stage is most suitable for you if you are living in a rented space. It will check the outflow of rent money, making your EMI payments slightly easy.

Builder profile: Checking builder or developer’s reputation in the market is another critical aspect in this whole exercise of buying a flat. You must find out reviews on the type of quality of service delivered by them and the status of their construction projects. Whether they are licensed or not, needs to be investigated too.

Property papers: Don’t become complacent even if you have checked everything and you are satisfied with the choice of your flat. To make sure your purchase is safe, you need to examine a few important documents – license approval of the builder, marketable title of the property, building plan, conveyance deed, land registration status, occupancy certificate, tax dues, sanction plan, and others.

There are many other factors also that deserve to be evaluated beforehand. But when we are in a hurry, we tend to miss out on these fundamental points. So, if the time has come for you to buy your dream home in the city of Nawabs, then keep these components in mind. These will help you to secure your beautiful abode hassle-free. And as mentioned earlier, you don’t need to worry about your budget. Even the luxury range is designed to meet budget-driven purchases so that buyers are left with a bright smile on their face.


Read this article for insights on how to find flats in Lucknow for you and your family.


3 Popular Décor themes to consider for your Bedrooms

12274216_898369493549547_3001211974555369595_nUsing decoration themes has turned out to be a common practice among the homeowners now-a-days. If you want to go by the popular trend and add a dream appearance to your flat in Lucknow, consider using themes. This blog discusses about 3 popular bedroom themes that would offer a mesmerizing look and feel to the 3 BHK flats in Lucknow.

Before deciding about what theme to use, you need to consider about who would be staying in the room. The theme of the bedroom will vary according to the age and taste of the occupants. The theme of a teenager bedroom would not be similar to that of an adult bedroom. Again, the theme that would life up a couple’s spirit would not be good enough to drive a kid crazy with joy.

Choose the appropriate theme for your bedroom and transform it into a relaxing retreat. Explore the following popular bedroom decor themes and have oodles of fun:

1. Beach Theme:

Beach-inspired bedroom decor will make both young adults and newly-wed couples jump for joy. Those who have a liking for the sun, sand and water will no doubt be fascinated with this type of decor. As far as beach-theme is considered, you can choose anything from serene, sober furnishings to bold and bright colours. Hawaiian motifs can be used to mingle well with palm tree, bamboo and flower motifs. A wall paper with your favourite beach motif can instil a beach feel into your sleeping space. A mix and match of exotic prints on the bedsheet, pillow covers and curtains would add the effect of the laid-back luxury of beachside life while woven accents from the ceiling to the floor would enmesh your modern bedroom with a rustic charm. You can think of accessorizing your room with sea grass, sandy neutrals and coral showpieces.

2. Floral Theme:

There is hardly any person who does not love flowers. If you have a special fascination for flower and appreciate the beauty of nature, you can consider floral theme for your bedroom. Whether you want to enjoy the feel of English countryside or wish to instil the freshness of Indian’s rustic beauty, floral bedspreads against pastel green walls would add serenity to your room. What can be a better start of the day than waking up to a wonderful orchid placed by the window?

3. Forest Theme:

A forest theme can spread out a relaxing environ across your bedroom. Think of adorning your bedroom using bedspreads, pillows and quilts with forest motifs. Use varying shades of green and blue to create the depth noticed in a forest of pine, moss and bamboo with expansive blue sky peeping through the branches. After a hectic day of work, you will find the bedroom with forest theme a true retreat and there is no doubt about it. The theme would tranquilize every spirit, all ages and genders.

As far as decorating 3 BHK flats in Lucknow are concerned, the age, taste and gender of the occupants should be considered while choosing the bedroom themes. Whether you choose a traditional theme or a flamboyant and extravagant design, it would enhance the look and feel of your private space.

Easy Ways in which NRIs can Manage their Flats in Lucknow Remotely

Flats in LucknowNon-resident Indians are essentially one of the most active investors in the Indian real estate market. However, one of the biggest challenges that this buyer group experiences in this regard is the entire process of effective management of the properties they own thousands of miles away from where they actually reside.
NRIs who intend to efficiently manage their flats in Lucknow or in any other part of the country, the following approaches can help you remotely make sure that your property is maintained in good condition and all your legal obligations are fulfilled at all times –

Choosing the Right Property
With a host of online real estate portals that come with a reputable backing, it is easier for NRIs to browse through various projects and identify one that suits their preference, budget and quality standard. Identify whether you are looking for a fresh project or one that is one resale. In today’s day and age more than a fair share of builders choose to venture into NRI specific projects due to relaxed FDI norms and the improvement in construction standards.

Leveraging the Power of Social Media
Truly assessing the reputation of a builder or a specific project can be challenging if you aren’t really living in Lucknow. Most of the reliable construction houses will have active social media profiles that provide all the information you need about the company, its past and ongoing projects and is reputation on the whole. Builders that are transparent enough to be active on social media may hold more promise that the one that are not.

Assign a Power of Attorney
Especially if you aren’t in the position to make frequent visits to India, it is recommended that you execute a power of attorney and make someone you trust your legal representative in India. Most NRIs will have family members, close friends or extended families that they can trust. A person with a Power of Attorney assigned by you will be able to execute various deeds and also represent you when communicating with builders and other stakeholders.

Making Payments Through NRE Accounts
Some of the less reputed builders may expect that you provide upfront cash payment. However, it is strongly recommended that you pursue any real estate transactions in a transparent manner. Use your NRE account to make any property related payments to the builder. Also maintain records of all the payments you have made in case you need to present these in case of any unwanted disputes with the builder.

Finally, keep a Regular Check on your Property. Spend time keeping tracks on the latest development of the project you have invested in. Also have a friend or a relative track the progress on ground if possible and make sure that the builder constantly keeps you in loop. You may also consider buying in a project that is nearing completion or has already completed. This provides an additional security towards your investment.

Buying a Plot in Lucknow: A Distant Dream for the Buyers

The property prices in Lucknow have increase manifolds in the last few years and buying a plot in Lucknow is no longer that easy. The real estate developers in Lucknow have taken up the plots and have constructed high rise apartments. Paarth Infra’s projects like Paarth Arka, Paarth Adyant and Paarth NU have completely changed the meaning of community living in Lucknow. These group housing projects in Lucknow are luxuriously crafted and have kept all the modern facilities in mind for your comfortable living. So whether you want to invest in flats in Lucknow to earn some rental income, or you want to buy a home which brings your family together, then look no further. We have the perfect community living projects for you.

Owning a House

Real estate developers in Lucknow are now attracting the NRI investors and Local Investors alike with luxurious and affordable dwellings. If you want to buy a plot in Lucknow and construct a house of your choice, then it might not be that easy for you anymore. Hence most of the people now prefer to buy apartments with all the facilities so that they can enjoy the best amenities and live in a community too.

We have flats to meet the need of all kinds of professionals- the bachelors and spinsters who have just started their careers and the seasoned professionals who would like to stay with their families or even extended families. We have come up with studio apartments, 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK (with various area sizes) and 4 BHKs.

Facilities in the project

I visited the property myself and was impressed to see the rain water harvesting, solar power usage, waste management and many other green initiatives are taken in these projects. The architecture of the project is such that it ensures lighting by sun to the optimum and the usage of electricity is minimised. I was happy to see the landscape which is full of greenery to ensure that the residents get to breathe fresh air.

Rising Residential Property Demand in Lucknow

Set in the heartlands of North India, lies Lucknow, the administrative capital of Uttar Pradesh. Traditionally known as the city of Nawabs, Lucknow has a lot to offer from the architectural perspective. From the perspective of a residential city however, there have been certain misgivings about Lucknow given the current political climate. But Lucknow as a city is definitely much safer than the rest of the state.  In fact, it can give other, so called metropolitan cities a run for their money. The economic boom in the state, followed by the beautification of the city by the previous government has led to a massive upsurge in demand of residential homes alongside business hubs. So much so that the two are beginning to coincide, for example, Gomtinagar as primarily residential areas is fast becoming Lucknow’s IT hub.

Real Estate Properties

Having established the fact that Lucknow is great place to live in, one must however be aware of the places where one can stay. Housing in prime properties in traditionally congested, however, the suburbs seem to be picking up just fine. So much so, that new projects involve state of the art infrastructure and facilities, that one might think of seriously considering while buying up a flat in Lucknow.

Looking for a flat in Lucknow is not much more different than looking for a flat somewhere else. Only the local dichotomy is slightly different and varied. It firstly depends on your needs- whether you’re staying along or with your family. If you’re staying with your family, how big is it? Which locations is more favorable etc.

For example a family of 3 will find 2 bhk flats in Lucknow much more convenient- it is less costly, and easier to maintain at the same time. So, it all really comes down to your needs. The suburbs might be the best bet to land up 2 bhk flats in Lucknow, as earlier pointed out, these will be less congested, less costly and fast developing economic hubs in the city.